I-Play Trilingual Laptop Review

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About I-Play Trilingual Laptop

I-Play Trilingual Laptop is an educational laptop that claims to be the only trilingual laptop and to come in English, Zulu and Afrikaans languages. I-Play Trilingual Laptop asserts to have 40 fun educational games to learn from and asserts to improve spelling, mathematics and common sense.


How does it work

The educational laptop from South Africa I-Play Trilingual Laptop claims to give kids a head-start in education with 40 different fun educational games with different levels of difficulty. With these games, I-Play Trilingual Laptop proclaims to make kids computer smart while keeping them engaged. I-Play Trilingual Laptop also convinces to have musical and numeric games to improve mathematics and common sense.


An educational laptop for kids

Education today is very competitive and everyone wants their kids to do the best. But studying is not the favorite activity with kids and they tend to lose interest in things easily. This makes it difficult to keep them engaged in studies for long. I-Play Trilingual Laptop promises to let your kids get the best of education while keeping them engaged with different fun educational games. I-Play Trilingual Laptop convinces to have 40 educational games that will keep them engaged and help them learn at the same time. So they won’t think they are studying while actually learning in the process. I-Play Trilingual Laptop maintains to come in three languages – English, Zulu and Afrikaans that helps your kid learn the second and third languages, too.



Improves spelling, Math and common sense

Kids who struggle with Mathematics are assured to find help in I-Play Trilingual Laptop with its numeric games that makes Math fun and easy. I-Play Trilingual Laptop also emphasizes that it is not just all education but it also lets the kids learn more about music unlike many educational laptops. I-Play Trilingual Laptop declares that the laptop is suitable for kids between 3 to 10 years, which is the formative years for their education. I-Play Trilingual Laptop assures to have different difficulty levels to suit this range of age group. As your kid grows older, the difficulty of the games can be increased to challenge them. I-Play Trilingual Laptop convinces to teach the kids to spell in one of the three languages, too. I-Play Trilingual Laptop proclaims to have a slim design so it is easy for the kid to use and you can carry it on travels too.


What do I get?

You get I-Play Trilingual Educational Laptop White for R449.00.Official website verimark.co.za/products/i-play-trilingual-laptop-white


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