Hydroblast Pro Review

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What is Hydroblast Pro?

Hydroblast Pro is a water flosser that promises to eliminate 99.9% plaque easily and two times more effectively than string flossing. It claims to give you brighter teeth and fresher breath by just using it for one minute each day, and reaching below gum lines and molars. Hydroblast Pro asserts that you don’t have to go through the pain and bleeding caused by string floss.



Hydroblast Pro Review

Dustin Blumenthal in his Hydroblast Pro review says that the pump is a total rip-off. He took care of all the per-requisites before using it but it did not work at all. On the contrary it made a lot of noise. He is disappointed that the makers could not make a simple pump function efficiently.

Andre Gillibrand is of the same opinion as Dustin that the Hydroblast Pro pump is a rip-off. Not only are the instructions useless, but the customer service staff is equally bad. To refund, replace the product one has to pay for the shipping costs equivalent to the product itself.

Brody Merkley complains that he is frustrated with the product. The manual instructions are very confusing and the customer service isn’t helpful either. He recommends everyone to buy a lottery ticket instead of spending $20 on the useless Hydroblast Pro.

Clayton Cassidy in his Hydroblast Pro review complains that the batteries heat up real quick and the pump motor doesn’t pump water from the reservoir.

Elizabeth Vazquez says she received it as a Christmas Gift. It worked well only on the first day of use. S\The next day she tried changing the batteries but no luck. When she inquired with the Customer Service the staff denied having any information about the product.

Ashley Calderon regrets not having read the Hydroblast Pro reviews before buying it. She made two attempts with brand new batteries for it to work only to find out that the pump squirts everywhere else but your mouth. Had she read reviews earlier, she would not have bothered to but the Hydroblast Pro.

Courtney Reed admits of having received the product as a Christmas Gift. It was ordered through Bed, Bath and Beyond but completely useless. She complains that not a drop of water moved through the pipe. Plus it made more noise that her electric hedge clippers. She promises never to buy any product from as seen on tv henceforth. Whatever she had ordered was either stupid breakable item that never lives up to its expectations or the product never shows up at her doorstep.

Melissa Ward in her Hydroblast Pro review says that the pump is a complete waste of money. She tried using the pump with 7 different Duracell packages but not one worked.


How does Hydroblast Pro work?

Forget the long-drawn and painful method like flossing your teeth with strings. Hydroblast Pro is a water flosser that convinces that you just need to fill the container and floss your teeth to blast the plaque away. Hydroblast Pro claims to use power pulse action that gives 1600 blasts of water in a minute to blast away the debris, bacteria and plaque. With its 360 degrees rotation, Hydroblast Pro states to reach all the corners of your mouth to give you complete cleaning. Hydroblast Pro is portable and cordless so you can safely and easily use it every time.


Floss the plaque away with water
It is important to floss your teeth but using a string to floss means dealing with pain first thing in the morning. But now claiming to be a revolutionary method to get rid of plaque, Hydroblast Pro asserts that it uses a blast of water to get rid of plaque painlessly and effortlessly. Running the string through two teeth to clean the entire set takes a lot of time but Hydroblast Pro convinces that you just need one minute a day to get rid of plaque. String flossing does not reach the molars or under the gum line that is the breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. On the other hand, Hydroblast Pro declares that it cleans your whole mouth two times more effectively than string flossing. Hydroblast Pro assures to give you the same results like getting a professional dental cleaning.

Safe on braces, crowns and bridges
Hydroblast Pro maintains to reach where toothbrush and even thin strings cannot reach and it guarantees to be safe on braces, crowns and bridges unlike string flossing. Hydroblast Pro maintains that it is so easy to use – you just need to fill the container with water and use water blasts on the teeth – that even kids can use it without complication. Hydroblast Pro declares to have two settings for your maximum comfort and Standard Tip and High Pressure Tip to give you customized massaging on your gums. Most plug-in flossing devices are bulky but Hydroblast Pro guarantees to be easier because it is lightweight and portable. Hydroblast Pro claims to use no electricity and is cordless giving you more convenience of use. Not just keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, the water flossing system declares that the results will be for everyone to see since it will give you brighter teeth and fresher breath, too. Since it states to be clinically proven, it is safe to be used and gentle even for kids.


What do I get
Get 2 hydroblast PRO for just $19.95 plus $17.90 P&H | Official website: HydroblastPro.com

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