Hurricane Lightning Mop

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What is Hurricane Lightning Mop

It is a spin mop that promises to let you clean all kinds of surfaces effectively to leave your floors sparkling clean.

Hurricane Lightning Mop asserts that now you don’t have to spend a lot of time mopping because it does the job efficiently for you. As a proud home owner you want your house to be spic and span. That also includes the floors that can get grubby and dirty before you know it. Making them sparkling clean often involves you having to scrub them over and over again. But this specially designed spin mop system claims to offer you respite from that by doing the job quickly and effectively. However since we don’t have enough Hurricane Lightning Mop reviews we can’t verify this claim for you.


Hurricane Lightning Mop features Smart Design

Does mopping your floors mean you having to get down on your hands and knees and scrubbing the floors for a long time? This Lightning Spin Mop assures you freedom from this tedious chore by harnessing the power of lightning in a bucket. But does it really do that for you? We hope to find out about it in your Hurricane Lightning Mop reviews. The secret of this Lightning Spin Mop lies in its design, which includes a longer handle that allows you to clean the floors without bending your back and straining your hands. Its cleaning head rotates 360 degrees so that it can get to those hard to reach areas without any difficulty. We will go through Hurricane Lightning Mop closely to analyze these claims.

Another highlight of the spin mop is the giant microfiber head that is 30% larger to suck up large amounts of mess quickly. It can also absorb up to 10 times its weight, according to its claims. Hurricane Lightning Mop reviews can shed more light on it.


Hurricane Lightning Mop claims powerful results

This spin mop also makes the most out of lightning spin dry bucket technology, which spins out the dirt with centrifugal force and ultra high velocity to ensure that the mop stays cleaner. The splash guard it has guarantees you no spills and you can clean without any mess, streaks and drips. That does seem like a farfetched claim that will have to be validated after going through Hurricane Lightning Mop reviews. We also hope your Hurricane Lightning Mop reviews will talk about features like the machine washable mop head, hands free mop wringing, its versatility for mopping, dusting, cleaning and polishing on all types of surfaces.


What do I get?

  • 1 Hurricane Lightning Mop
  • 1 Lightning Mop Washer/Dryer Bucket
  • 1 Power Pac

Price: $39.98 + $12.99 S&H | Official website:

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