Hurom HN Series Review

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What is Hurom HN Series

It is a second generation of Hurom Juicers that claims to preserve the natural taste and nutrition from fruits and vegetables for you.

Hurom HN Series assures you flavourful juices, soups and more that are rich in vitamins, minerals etc so that you can get their overall health benefits. There are many of us who are trying to eat healthy today and that means incorporating smoothies, juices, soups into our regular diet. But that’s easier said than done because regular juicers can be a hassle to work with and you can end up wasting a lot of time on a regular basis. What’s worse is that you end up losing fibres and other natural minerals from fruits and veggies too. This juicer not only promises you convenience but the best out of natural foods too. Does it really live up to the claim? We would like to know in your Hurom HN Series reviews.


It squeezes nutrients out of fruits and veggies

The secret of this juicer lies in the fact that it squeezes fruits and veggies before gently pressing them through the Slow Squeezing Technology rather than grinding them. As a result you get juices that retain their nutrients, fibres and vitamins as well. It does seem like a far-fetched claim that can only be proven when we analyse Hurom HN Series reviews. It’s because of this technology that friction and thereby frictional heat while juicing is reduced and thus natural flavours are maintained. Whether the juicer retains the flavours, we will know more as we look at Hurom HN Series reviews.

It also squeezes juices twice as slowly, and that further leads to preservation of flavours and nutrition, according to its claims. We await Hurom HN Series reviews to know more about that.

Designed for your convenience

The juicing cup can take various types of ingredients in the chamber so that you don’t have to keep stirring while pouring. Moreover the control lever it has can control the discharging pressure so that you can choose the consistency of the juice you want. Only Hurom HN Series reviews can tell us whether that is really the case. We will also look at Hurom HN Series reviews closely to know more about the functionality of the juice cap, which ensures that you can pour just the right amount of juice you want without any drips.


Easy to clean

To begin with, this juicer has a hopper lid, which can prevent dust and foreign particles from entering it. The advanced self-cleaning feature it has can be used between juices to save you time and hassle too. Does this juicer make cleaning easy? Let us know in your Hurom HN Series reviews. The juicer has been built to last with low-rotating condenser motor that doesn’t make too much noise. Safety features, cooling system and easy to carry handle make the juicer a handsome addition to your kitchen. We’d like to know if you think so too in your Hurom HN Series reviews.


What do I get?

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