Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Review

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About Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle claims to be one of the best stationary cycles that are available on the market today. The exercise bike proclaims to provide comfort while riding no matter how hard your workout session is. Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle promises to give the feel of a thorough workout right at home but at the same time not miss riding on open roads. The bike asserts to be customizable and very sturdy to suit every individual’s needs when it comes to getting a workout in their target zone. The indoor cycle frame convinces to have a console for quick feedback so that you can monitor all the parameters of your workout and modify the session accordingly.


How does it work

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle guarantees to provide a complete cardio workout with its suave frame and structure. The home stationary exercise bike states that it’s functioning is very simple; one just needs to adjust the handle and seat as per their height and requirement and hop on to the cycle and start riding hard and fast. There are allegedly many features available for everyone to utilize while using the cycle with instant feedback on display in order to track the workout. It also maintains to provide feedback for the heart rate so that one can perform cardio as per their desired level to stay in the target zone.


Open roads at home

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle promises to provide the feel of the open road while working out at home. Cycling is one of the best ways to attain cardio workout by pushing the entire body and working the core. But cycling on the road is not possible everyday, which is why this exercise bike asserts that it can help with the necessary workout without missing the feel of being on open roads. The amazing part about the design of Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle is allegedly the adjustments feature one can uses to personalize it as per height and requirement. This adjustable feature allows the exerciser to customize the exercise bike in a comfortable riding position. This comfort is very important because there should be no stress on any part of body not targeted. The customization on the exercise cycle is stated to be possible on both ends, the seat as well as handlebar providing additional options for a perfect workout.


Instant Feedback

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle assures to help in not just getting a good cardio but also a way to properly get a feedback for the same. For the purpose of tracking data there is a good 4” LCD Display available. This display is on a continuous feedback so there is an instant output while working on the cycle. Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle promises to give feedback related to the time taken for the total workout, distance the cycle would have traveled during the ride, speed at which the cycling is happening, the RPM and the amount of calories that has been spent while the workout. The home exercise bike also claims to even provide a good way to track and decide which zone one wants to workout. There is a Polar wireless receiver that connects with the cycle and the display provides an instant heart rate output. All this feedback is very essential when it comes to staying in the target zone that will help in achieving workout that suits individual body types. It includes different zones like healthy heart range, aerobic, anaerobic, etc. This way Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle convinces that the perfect workout has been achieved.


High-quality resistance system

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle proclaims that there is a high-quality system used to drive the entire cycle. A smooth functioning cycle is not achievable if it is not driven by a proper resistance system. Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle emphasizes that it uses intricately designed Belt-Drive that smoothly moves during cycling without any jerks or speed variations. An additional micro-adjust tension knob is allegedly provided to add resistance while cycling so that one can increase the pressure while riding to get better cardio.

Heavy Duty Frame

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle guarantees that it is perfectly designed for optimal and comfortable performance. The frame of this indoor cycle is made out of durable material that will last for years and the flywheel weighs merely 20 kg in size. The different parts are stated to be designed to provide high-quality performance while riding and includes the pedals that come with a cage with toe straps. This convinces to help in securing the feet in position while going fast on the cycle and without losing control or balance. The seat of Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle is kept in a road-style saddle format with the fore/aft adjustment provided so that the seat height can be customized for getting the right pose while riding. Also the handlebars on the frame are adjustable in multiple positions in the vertical direction to match the seat adjustment perfectly well. For respite and hydration purpose one can easily grab a drink as the frame comes with a bottle holder to hold one’s favorite drink. Apart from being very user friendly and sturdy, Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle states that it also looks very stylish with that is very futuristic and sleek.


Fits right at home

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle assures that it is not like other cycles which take a lot of space in the house. In fact, Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle is designed with a dimension that can be easily accommodated in the house. The assembly is very easy to begin with and takes a space with 53” X 24” X 48” and the total frame weighs approximately 52 kg. It can bear a user weight of up to 136 kg which covers a lot of individual’s requirement.


What do I get?

You get Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle for $899.99.Official website horizonfitness.com

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