Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical Review

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About Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical claims to be an ergonomically designed elliptical trainer. Unlike other elliptical trainers that are designed in a basic shape, the elliptical trainer assures to provide comfort for a more effective workout. The entire system in Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical is allegedly bunched with advanced training features and accompanied with innovative entertainment. The frame of the trainer is claimed to be very sturdy and at the same time it states to be very smooth in functioning.



How does it work

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical promises easy functioning and a vast number of workouts that will help individuals to find a program of their own requirement. The trainer comes with a lot of customizable options and set programs that makes it very flexible. All one needs to do is just hop on to it and select a program to begin working out. The best part of working out on Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical is better than other trainers because of the fact that one can immerse into an outside world experience using the virtual active entertainment system. Apart from providing visual experience it is also very comfortable to use and does not stress any parts of the body.

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical asserts that there is a workout tracking calendar that stores all the data of the workout. To begin working one can simply check the 44 programs. Apart from the manual mode there are a few automatic modes designed to target different requirements. Like 13 programs are available for distance based training, 9 for calorie intensive, 4 on interval method, 3 performance-based, 10 step-based workouts with option to add 2 whole custom workouts. To help raise the bar during the custom workouts the trainer asserts to come with 20 electronically adjustable Resistance levels. These resistance levels help in making the workout more challenging and push the individuals in sweating off more calories.


Increase productivity and achieve goals

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical emphasizes on providing fitness enthusiasts a way to connect and manage their workouts easily with their existing apps or websites. This is made possible with the use of ViaFit Wi-Fi connectivity feature that proclaims to connect the home equipment and uses the tracking calendar data and sends it to the fitness apps and tools that are used by the exerciser. This helps in directly adding details of workout to the communities and sharing it easily rather than manually adding it up every time you finish a workout session. With this feature,individuals using the elliptical trainer can get motivated and track progress easily so that they can burn more calories and tone their muscles especially with the power incline.


Benefits of the SixStar Frame Design

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical states that it comes with a SixStar Frame Design that is known for its superior frame structure. In fact,the elliptical trainer declares that with this frame it is easy to perform a workout smoothly as per the movement of the human body. There are six features in all that accompany this design that are responsible in providing the perfect workout. Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical assures that the pedals are placed in a close distance from each other so that it reduces the pressure exerted on the back and hips. Plus, the step-on height is placed at a low level, approximately 10” on the trainer so that getting on and off it is easier and does not strain. Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical claims that the frame is built keeping in mind a relaxing upright posture that is maintained during the workout for faster results. This thorough ergonomic design is made in a way that it prevents a bad form and the aches and pains that are caused by it. Also the grip handles are placed in a way that they can be easily grabbed without stress. The elliptical trainer also promises that the fatty-lip shaped pathway mimics the natural movement of the legs and with the ideal gear ration it burns fat without affecting the joints. The weight bearing capacity of Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical is mentioned as 159 kg suiting most individuals.



Immersive Experience

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical proclaims to take workout to the next level with its Passport feature that offers amazing visuals during the workout. These visuals are exterior footages that can be plugged on a high-definition Television to view it. As per the trainer’s claim, what makes this feature unique is the fact that the footages are synched with the speed and intensity that is being currently performed on the elliptical to make it more believable.


Exceptional Specs:

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical guarantees to deliver amazing workout that is perfect to burn calories and stay in the heart zone. The stride length of Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical is stated to be 20”, which is sufficient and at the same time sleek enough to fit in a corner of any room. It is also easy to track a workout with the workout feedback available on the 7” Touchscreen display. It includes data related to the time, distance, speed, calories, RPM, resistance level used, heart rate, clock, date and watts. There is a free Polar chest strap available that helps in tracking the heart rate well enough and keeping it in the targeted zone for immense calorie burn. There is also an Energy Saver mode with Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical that helps in perform workout and at the same time save some cash on power. There are built-in speakers that are accessible with the jack available to plug-in favorite music while working out. Reading enthusiasts can benefit from Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical too with the reading rack that can hold quite a lot of things like tablets, iPads, etc. There is a bottle holder that can hold favorite post workout drink and a fan to cool off the sweat while performing higher intensity moves.


What do I get?

You get Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical for $1,899.99.Official website horizonfitness.com


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