Homea Mattress Review

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About Homea Mattress

Homea Mattress is a cooling memory foam top mattress that claims to give you the perfect cushioning and support so that you get restful and sound sleep at night. Homea Mattress proclaims that it has gel infused memory foam that enhances air flow to keep you cool at night. The allegedly special knit and fabric of Homea Mattress doesn’t let it slip at night no matter how much you move in your sleep.


How does it work

Unlike traditional mattresses, Homea Mattress states that it is a combination of various layers of high-density foam padding and individual pocket coils that give the most perfect support and comfortable cushioning to you when you sleep. An extra layer of gel-infused foam of Homea Mattress guarantees to give you better air flow so that you will stay cool through the night when you sleep. The pocket coil system of Homea Mattress promises to be a movement absorber to give you the right support to your head, neck and back.


Matters of the mattress

To get good-quality and sound sleep at night, what mattress you sleep on matters a lot. If you have too soft or too hard a mattress, your body won’t get the correct support, which will only cause stiffness in your neck and shoulders. Old and uncomfortable mattresses are known to cause these problems and they only make you twist and turn all night and wake up groggy the next morning. But the allegedly patent-pending Homea Mattress maintains that it gives your body the right support and comfort through the night. Homea Mattress declares to be a cooling memory foam mattress for your Queen bed that has strong yet supple layers of foam padding that will arch your body perfectly. You are assured to say goodbye to problems like dents in the mattress after continual usage that do not give your back good support.



Gel-infused foam keeps you cool at night

Homea Mattress emphasizes that its encasing is made of soft stretch knit fabric that keeps dust allergens away unlike traditional mattresses that are a hotbed for such pollutants. The quilt of regular mattresses also shifts when you sleep thus making you get up and realign it again thus disturbing your sleep. However, Homea Mattress assures that its quilting holds quality fabrics in one place to prevent shifting. You are also convinced to not wake up sweating in the middle of the night because of the fabrics of your mattress. Homea Mattress asserts that the gel memory foam keeps you cool at night with its added air flow feature. It guarantees to contour to the shape of your back perfectly for optimal support.


Absorbs movement and gives even support

Alleging to have a pocket coil system, Homea Mattress proclaims to absorb movement and give you proper support including your head, neck, and back. With this support while you sleep, Homea Mattress assures to keep your posture right for hours so that you won’t wake up with a stiff neck or pain in the back. Homea Mattress claims to give you a luxurious foam feeling when you sleep and will be the most comfortable mattress that you have ever slept on. The top mattress also emphasizes to be available for single beds and king size beds to suit your needs.


What do I get?

You get Homea Mattress for $329.Official website dealsdirect.com


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