Hex Connex Knife Caddy

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What is it?

The Hex Connex Knife Caddy is designed to offer you a convenient, smart and sanitary solution to store the knives and cutlery in your kitchen. Hex Connex Knife Caddy easily stores any size knife with up to an 8” blade. It is also great to store kitchen scissors!

How does it work?

The secret of the Hex Connex Knife Caddy lies in the removable flex rods insert. Thousands of tiny food-grade plastic rods conform to hold any knife or utensil without chipping or dulling!

Easy to clean – Dishwasher Safe
Knife blocks can raise bacteria and are difficult to clean but Hex Connex flex rods are top-rack dishwasher safe!

Protects and Saves Counter Space
Hex Connex Knife Caddy features padded feet to protect your counter top and a smaller footprint to save counter space.

Fun and Stylish
Using the Hex Connex Knife Caddy is a fun, smart and stylish way to store even mismatched knives and cutlery.

Designed To Connect
The best part about the Hex Connex Knife Caddy is that if you need more storage it is designed to connect. You can mix and match sizes and colors of Hex Connex Knife Caddy to conveniently store your knives in the kitchen.
With the Hex Connex Knife Caddy in your kitchen you can now say goodbye to restrictive knife block slots and dangerous drawers filled with sharp knives and cutlery!

Colors Available
The Hex Connex Knife Caddy is available in three colors: Lime, Cherry, and Slate Gray.
Order the Hex Connex Knife Caddy today!

What do I get?
Order your Hex-Connex in either Lime, Cherry, or Slate Gray for just $14.95 plus $6.95 S&H and we’ll send you a BONUS short Hex-Connex of your choice for only $6.95 shipping!

Official Website:buyhexconnex.com

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