Hans Swipe Clean Review

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What is Hans Swipe Clean

It is a cleaning solution that claims to remove build up from screens of your devices and gadgets to have them sparkling again.

Hans Swipe Clean asserts that now you have smart and efficient way of cleaning your Smartphone, tablet screens so that you can get rid of dirt from the surface with ease. There are so many different types of screens you deal with on a daily basis; from your phone to table, laptop and computer to those in your car. Hans Swipe Clean maintains that you can get rid of this dirt and thereby the germs with ease.


Hans Swipe Clean and its secret formula

Hans Swipe Clean has microfiber cleaning and polishing sheets that are anti microbial treated. As a result they can combat germs effectively and leave your screen sparkling clean as it should be. Importantly, you don’t have the need for scrubbing or any kind of professional cleaning to get the job done. Hans Swipe Clean is also very convenient for use and all you have to do is swipe it to clean, polish and you will have the screen shining again.


Hans Swipe Clean is a hygienic solution for you

Did you know that germs are capable of living in grime, oil and dirt for up to a week on these devices if they are not cleaned properly? That only means you are handling a breeding ground of germs on a daily basis. Hans Swipe Clean stresses that not only is it effective in lifting dirt from the surface and cutting through the build-up, but it can offer you respite from these germs as well. That’s why; Hans Swipe Clean can be seen as a way to maintaining hygiene on your mobile devices et al.


Hans Swipe Clean is versatile and convenient

Hans Swipe Clean can be used to clean different types of devices; from tablets to Smartphone, cases and covers to touch screens, smart watches and more. It is also known for its all in one body that makes sense for on the go use. You can have it in your pocket, purse or car for that matter to make the most out of it when needed. The good news is that one refill bottle of Hans Swipe Clean is good for 1000 shines and you are cleaning different surfaces without any harsh chemicals.


What do I get?

You get Hans Swipe Clean and Refill for $14.95 plus $13.9 P&H. Official website gethans.com

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