Handy Roast Review

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About Handy Roast

Handy Roast is a non-stick baking mat that proclaims to adapt to any oven or barbecue to let you cook bake or roast any kind of food without the hassle of cleaning the crumbs falling between the grills. Handy Roast assures to also retain the flavors of the food and to be easy to clean.


How does it work

Handy Roast assures that it can withstand temperatures up to 260°C so it can be used over any grill, oven or barbecue. You can place the black Handy Roast mat over grills and place the food to be cooked on top. The Handy Roast Beige mat states that it can be used on oven trays or racks. Declaring to be a non-stick mat, Handy Roast convinces that it does not let the food stick to the surface so that it is easy to clean.


A non-stick baking mat for every oven and grill

You love baking stuff but hate the fact that the food sticks to the surface of the oven tray or rack and becomes difficult to clean. But the new Handy Roast grill mat convinces to be a non-stick mat that makes it possible for you to bake anything while preventing the food from sticking. Handy Roast declares that it can be cut to any size to fit inside the oven tray or shallow pan so that you can bake stuff of any size. Handy Roast asserts that it can withstand temperatures up to as high as 260 degrees Celsius so that you can bake bread and cakes, grill veggies and seafood, or even roast meat on it and get well-cooked food.

Retains the flavor of the food

Handy Roast mat emphasizes that it comes in an extra large size of 40 X 50 cm so it can cover up large barbecues or grills as well as it can be cut to cover smaller surfaces. Since Handy Roast promises that it can be used on any grill or barbecue, it is ideal for not just cooking for your family at home but also for friends at a barbecue party. The problem with grilling and barbecuing food is that the food sticks between the grills and takes a lot of hard work and time to clean. But with its large coverage, Handy Roast asserts to prevent food crumbs from sticking or dropping between the grills. The special design of Handy Roast also declares that it lets the heat distribute evenly so that the flavors of the food is retained evenly too. The grill mats proclaim to be reusable and easy to clean not only because they are non-stick but also because they are dishwasher-friendly. Handy Roast claims to be rolled for easy storage.


What do I get?

You get Handy Roast for £19.95. Official website islshop.co.uk.

1 Comment on "Handy Roast Review"

  1. Question: What happens if I use the beige mat on the BBQ and the black mat in the Oven?

    Are the mats identical in the materials they are made of?

    Just a little confused, or is it akin to the chopping boards where colours are designated for specific foods eg veges, chicken, fish?

    I can see no discernible difference apart from the colour.

    Thank you.

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