Halolite Review

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About Halolite

Halolite asserts to be multipurpose solar powered LED lights that are round in shape and useful for illuminating the gutters, decks, signboards or more. Halolite convinces that its ultra bright LEDs cover 50% more area than other regular lights on the market. The round lights emphasize to be easy to mount on any gutter or flat surface. Halolite promises that it does not require any tools to install or wires to work.


How does it work

Each Halolite proclaims to come with a mounting bracket that is ergonomically designed in a way that it hooks on to any standard gutter in seconds. The solar panel on the top of the Halolite unit powers its rechargeable batteries and lights the LED lights. Halolite charges in direct sunlight and you just need to press the ON button once after charging it for 24 hours in direct sunlight before the first use. The light sensors of Halolite will turn the lights on automatically when it’s dark and switch them off when it’s daytime.


Bright light for gutters

If you want bright light on the gutters, you do not have to worry about your electricity bills shooting up or difficult installation. Halolite proclaims to be a round solar-powered LED light that easily attaches to gutters to illuminate the area well providing you with extra security at night. Halolite assures that it is powered by solar energy so it doesn’t use electricity thereby reducing carbon footprint and saving money on bills. Halolite emphasizes to be so powerful that it illuminates 50% more area than any other light available in the market.

Easy to install and use

Halolite promises that it mounts to any gutter or flat surface easily with its brackets that slide directly into the gutter without tools or wires. Halolite maintains to be lightweight and compact making it easier for you to install. Halolite states to come with rechargeable batteries that are already installed in the unit. You just allegedly need to fix the Halolite spotlight on to your gutter after charging it in direct sunlight for 24 hours and press the On button once. The spotlight claims to do the rest. Its light sensors switch the light on at night and switch it off in the morning.


Attaches to a variety of surfaces

Not just your gutters, Halolite declares to have brackets that are easy to mount so that they work on a number of surfaces. So whether it is your fence, deck, doorways or even a signboard, you can easily illuminate the area with bright light. With its easy installation, Halolite states that you can reposition it and change its location from one area to another as per your need.


What do I get?

You get Two packs of Halolite for $69.99 plus $3.99 P&H.Official website roundsolarlight.com

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