Gymform Ab Celerate

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What is the Gymform Ab Celerate?

The Gymform Ab Celerate is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment that promises to help you achieve the flattest abs in the fastest way. The Gymform Ab Celerate claims to be a six in one piece of fitness equipment that allows you to use it for crunches, reverse crunches, tucks, lower abs , oblique twist, and finish off with an amazing stretch.


How does the Gymform Ab Celerate work?

The Gymform Ab Celerate works wonders on your body. The machine is designed in a way that it provides the required resistance not only on the way but also the way down giving you double the work out as compared to traditional ab crunches. The built in resistance of the Gymform Ab Celerate makes sure that it gives you a custom workout based on your level of strength and the intensity that you need. The built in resistance also makes sure that you don’t get to cheat on your workouts there by making it so much more effective than your regular workout. Are you tired of lying down on the dirty floor or at a park some place? Tired of those aches and pains on your neck and back because of wrong positions while doing your crunches? Not to worry, Gymform Ab Celerate promises you that you can get rid of all those problems while getting that perfect body you’ve been craving for a while now.

The ergonomic design of the Gymform Ab Celerate makes it the perfect exercise equipment because of the comfort and ease that its design exudes. The cushion rolls that support your back not only help you maintain the posture but also give you the much needed back massage. This helps in relieving your muscles and making sure that your body gets the required resistance to ensure you get those wash board abs in no time. The Gymform Ab Celerate claims that it focuses on your upper, middle and lower abs to ensure pinpoint results. With its sleek design and being lightweight, the Gymform Ab Celerate also promises you convenience in terms of storage as compared to other bulky exercise machines.

With no reviews yet, the Gymform Ab Celerate may or may not live up to its expectations. With many tall claims, the Gymform Ab Celerate sounds like a dream come true to those of us who have been dreaming of those fabulous wash board abs on our bodies. That said, the Gymform Ab Celerate does seem to have a number of unique features that differentiate it from other exercise machines. And, it certainly does beat the traditional crunches that require us to struggle on the dirty floors as well as mess up our necks and backs.

Waiting for those sexy wash board abs? Wait no more and place your order for the Gymform Ab Celerate right away. If you are the cautious kind, wait for other customer reviews to judge the effectiveness of the Gymform Ab Celerate.


What do I get?

    • Gymform Ab Celerate
    • Diet Guide
    • Instruction manual
    • Workout guide

Price: £99.00

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  1. Do not buy from Argos. It came with missing screws. The Alan key didn’t fit anything and the screws supplied had no screwdriver grip so you can’t even use them. Waste of money.

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