Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

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Compare what is it? Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Projected as the world’s most popular weighted blanket, Gravity Blanket is a premium-grade weighted blanket that induces sleep and relaxation naturally. It exerts deep pressure to key parts of the body and gives a feeling of being hugged.


YNM – It’s a weighted blanket for children which indulges them with cosy warmth and induces them to sleep serenely. It is available in a wide array of sizes.

YNM Weighted Blanket

YNM Weighted Blanket
Blanquil – It’s a quilted weighted blanket that helps one sleep warmly when worn as it makes the user feel he’s being hugged and cradled.

Blanquil Weighted Blanket
Blanquil Weighted Blanket

Verdict : If price factor is not a criterion, Gravity Blanket, the world’s most popular weighted blanket, scores over the other two here.

Compare Material/Fabric: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – It is made from premium-grade soft materials. It has an ultra-soft micro-fiber duvet as its exterior and 100% cotton as its inner shell.

YNM – It is made of 100% breathable cotton material.

Blanquil – It’s not mentioned clearly what material Blanquil is made of, except that it is breathable, very soft to touch and has a washable outer cover.

Verdict : If you like to be indulged with sheer softness while sleeping, Gravity Blanket or Blanquil would be the preferred options. However, price factor would give Blanquil an edge here since Gravity Blanket is way too expensive.

Compare Filling: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Micro beads (high-density plastic poly pellets) strewn into the grid-like pattern of the exterior. They focus on pressure points on your body and distribute weight evenly.

YNM – Glass beads sewn into individual pockets and surrounded by soft, light fiber fill to eliminate noisy shifting while you sleep.

Blanquil – High density plastic poly pellets which hare odorless, non-toxic and food grade.

Verdict : If the thought of sleeping with glass beads in your blanket seems daunting, Gravity Blanket or Blanquil would be more comfortable. Further, Blanquil would be more favorable since it is much cheaper as compared to Gravity Blanket.

Compare Size: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket 48″ x 72″ size.

YNM – 48”x72” for twin bed, 60”x80” for queen bed, 80”x87” for king bed.

Blanquil – 48”x74”

Verdict : Blanquil has the upper hand here as it is the biggest in size.

Compare Duvet: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Ultra-soft exterior micro-fiber duvet which is removable for easy cleaning.

YNM – It provides not one but a range of customizable duvet covers to choose from, such as breathable cotton cover, cooling bamboo cover and minky fabric designed for different weather conditions.

Blanquil – All that has been mentioned is that Blanquil has a removable cover to help keep cool in the summer months.

Verdict : YNM is the winner here as you can select the weighted blanket as per your needs unlike the other two.

Compare Stitching: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Gridded stitching to ensure uniform distribution of internal micro beads for maximized effectiveness.

YNM – Several compartments provided to keep the glass bead sewn into place for even distribution and to prevent unnecessary noise and movement.

Blanquil – Quilted pattern of stitching keeps all pellets uniformly distributed.

Verdict : The stitching pattern of all the three weighted blankets have the same objective- uniform weight distribution of filling inside.

Compare Features: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket

Premium-grade weighted blanket, supposedly the most popular in the world

Made from high quality soft materials

Crafted to feature 10% of body weight of the user

Facilitates deep touch pressure stimulation

Created to exert deep pressure to key parts of the body

Induces sleep and relaxation naturally

Gridded stitching to keep micro beads uniformly distributed


Made from 100% breathable cotton material

Available in a wide range of sizes and material

Provides comfortable warmth and a feeling of being hugged for peaceful sleep

Glass beads sewn into individual pockets and surrounded by soft, light fiber filling

Range of customizable suited to different weather conditions duvet covers available.


Unique 7-layer system



Quilted weighted blanket

Made from breathable, very soft to touch material

Washable outer cover for use in summers to stay cool

Designed expressly for weight


Verdict : While each blanket guarantees desirable experience and utmost comfort while sleeping, YnM boasts of the greatest versatility.

Compare Common Layers: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Not mentioned except that its inner layer is weighted.

YNM – Unique 7-layer weighted blanket that envelops your body and takes to your shape for providing utmost comfort.

Blanquil – It has a quilted outer layer which is washable and its inner layer is knotted to the outer cover on corners and edges.

Verdict : YNM seems to score higher here as its layering seems more elaborate and comfortingly flexible.

Compare Beads: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Internal micro beads (high-density plastic poly pellets).

YNM – Glass beads sewn into individual pockets.

Blanquil – High density eco-friendly glass beads.

Verdict : Blanquil’s beads seem better as they are eco-friendly too.

Compare Cleaning: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – Its duvet is machine washable the blanket is to be washed with hand.

YNM – Only details given for cleaning YnM is that its removable duvet cover can be cleaned easily.

Blanquil – Its removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe.

Verdict : There’s not much clarity on cleaning YnM, hence the other two seem to be at an advantage here.

Compare Weight: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – 20 pounds (48″ x 72″ size).

YNM – 15 pounds (48″ x 72″ size) (Different weight and size details for different blankets).

Blanquil – 20 pounds (48”x74’ size).

Verdict : Since YnM offers more options, purchasing it would be more convenient and practical.


Compare Differences: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket

Most expensive weighted blanket among the three.

Exterior micro-fiber duvet is super soft and removable.


Available in a range of sizes to choose from unlike the other three.

Glass beads filling and less fiber for better temperature control
Unique 7-layer system envelops one’s body and takes to its shape.


The inner blanket can be used without the cover in the summer months as it is designed for weight, not warmth.

Exceptionally durable, non-toxic, washer and dryer safe.

Pet and child-friendly plastic pellets as fillers.

Verdict : YNM appears to be the most versatile brand in this category.


Compare Price: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – $249 (For size 48”x72′)

YNM – $95 (For size 48”x72”)

Blanquil – $149 (48”x74)

Verdict : Gravity Blanket is the most expensive weighted blanket followed by Blanquil, which is just a tad bigger while YnM, which is the same size as Gravity Blanket, costs the least, hence YnM would be the preferred choice here.


Compare Warranty: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket – 12 months warranty.

YNM – Exclusive three year warranty.

Blanquil – 1 year limited coverage warranty.

Verdict : YnM, beyond any doubt, is the clear winner here.

Compare Pros and Cons: Gravity Blanket vs YNM vs Blanquil

Gravity Blanket Pros

Premium quality ‘fit for the royalty’ product

Soothing and calm

Very soft and cosy

Around 10% of human body weight for therapeutic purpose

Smart design to serve the purpose of even weight distribution

Gravity Blanket Cons

Very expensive

Rather small for an average person

Beads not evenly distributed according to a number of users

Construction not very durable

Not very cool, hence not practical for the summer season

Rather too soft to sustain even weight distribution


YNM Pros

Available in a variety of sizes


Good at what it’s supposed to do

Adapts to user’s body shape for maximized comfort

Creates a feeling of being hugged, induces peaceful sleep

Designed to ensure even weight distribution and eliminate noise and movement of filling material

YNM Cons

Tendency for filling to seep through the weighted blanket

Not as cool as it claims to be

Fabric quality not up to the mark

Not very effective at addressing anxiety issues as per claims

Size issues despite detailed prescription reported by some customers

Beads don’t stay evenly distributed

Blanquil Pros

Very comforting and a pro at inducing peaceful sleep


Helpful for people suffering from insomnia

Breathable material

Very soft and soothing

Easy to wash


Blanquil Cons

Way too heavy for comfort, difficult to lift or readjust while sleeping

Beads do not stay in place and slide off the body toward the edges when worn

Difficult to manage for the elderly or weak people.

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