Grassology Seed

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What is Grassology: It is very low maintenance grass seed that has been awarded a patent by the US Government.

Grassology has been designed to ensure that home owners who want to have a beautiful lawn around their houses can get just that without a lot of effort and maintenance. If you have open space around your house, you want to make the most out of it. And having a lush lawn is not only great for the aesthetics of your house but gives you an option to host parties etc. The only problem is that you have to put in a lot of effort for it to stay at its best. However Grassology promises to find you a way around this problem with ease.

Grassology comes from a Reputed Company

It is being considered as a breakthrough in lawn care and it has certainly made many sit up and take notice. It has been developed by Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seeds and it literally brings the science of grass to the fore. And that’s why Grassology can ensure that you can grow your lawn without too much maintenance while you save costs.

Advantages over regular grass

The problem with regular grass for lawns is that it requires constant watering and fertilizers. However Grassology claims to grow roots to about four times deeper than your regular grass. Thus it can find its own water and nutrients from the soil and you are saved the effort of watering and feeding it with fertilizers ever so often.

Grassology is also known to grow slowly to dwarf height and that is the reason you don’t have to keep mowing it frequently. It can become the bane of your existence with regular grass but now it will be a huge hassle off your back, according to its claims.

Grassology grows healthy lawn

You can use it to cover dry spots or sprinkle it all over. Grassology claims to lead to soft grass that can resist insects, diseases and weed too. What’s more, you are saved the effort and money in watering bills.

What do I get?

  • 2 One Pound bags of Grassology Seeds
  • 1 Pocket Hose

All this for just $14.99 plus $17.98 shipping and handling. Official website

Grassology Review

Bob Vila makes tons of unverified claims in the Grassology infomercial. He makes you believe that it requires minimal watering, fertilizing and mowing; naturally fight disease, insects and weed, but they don’t reveal how actually Grassology is able to achieves these feats. The biggest reason to doubt Grossology’s claims is that they don’t list the ingredients ON THE WEBSITE. The TV infomercial tries hard to sell their crap seeds by stressing that there is some science behind the magic of Grassology but again fail to prove it. The claims of Grassology like low-maintenance and roots growing 4x deeper, are not backed by any reputed agency or research. Infomercial says Grassology seed is patent pending but again fail to provide detailed information about it, making it sound like a SCAM.

Based on the user reviews on this site and elsewhere, Grassology seed DOESN’T GROW. It does not grow when raked into the ground, neither on top of the ground, nor when covered in straw. The seed is no magic but a mixture of bluegrass/fescue mix that has no special properties, available at any grass seed dealer. Grassology is not suitable for the warmer temperatures of the south. The 30-day money back guarantee is absurd in this case as you cannot return the seeds once planted.

19 Comments on "Grassology Seed"

  1. Do not buy this product. It the worst hope that can give to your lawn. If you don’t have the money to pay, buy what you can, break it up, spread it, spread top soil on it and water it, it will grow better than this stuff. Also if it grows it is weed only. The worst thing that I did to my lawn and neighbors. OMG

  2. carlos briones | October 13, 2014 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    I live in Guadalajara city and I am very interested in your product how we can make business. I will offer you to offer your product wide over Mexico.

    Thank you
    Carlos Briones Pacheco

  3. carlos briones | October 13, 2014 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    I will like to be your distributor in Mexico i going to stay this week in Downey city and i will like to be in touch. With the person that can inform me if you are interest in my proposition.

    Thanks truly your
    Carlos Briones

  4. Used grassology in the spring. It came up good except in one area, that I will do over this fall. It is a beautiful grass. I am well pleased with it.

  5. Wow you had me locked in TILL YOUR SHIPPING PRICE! Not ever gonna happen! PERIOD

  6. Just tried to complain to the home company for Grassology and was told by somebody from India by his accent that the guarantee is only for 60 days, has been 90 days. My husband wanted to give it a chance. $19.99 from Walmart. Nobody will honor the money back guarantee. Telebrands said it is on the bags, nowhere is it stated that it is a 60 day guarantee. I don’t know who else to contact. This is worse than any of the $3.99 bags that I used to get.


  8. It is a scam.
    I thought, ok, Bob villa. $14.99 and a free hose + s/h ok, still at say $30.00, ok.

    Totaly bill $102.00.I got the hoseand lost of the grass seed mixture . I did not order all of that and did not the final bill until. Rule-Don’t buy anything you cannot see like this.

  9. Shipping is more than seed. 30 days is not long enough for seed to grow before the wart is up. Bottom line – you have my money and I don’t know if my yard will be beautiful.

    • I spread the seeds in early may in my front yard. Under my tree I had some bald spots. Seen a few grass grow but haven’t seen any more. How long should it take. I live in Michigan.

  10. We live in North west part of Montana, will this grass be successful here?. Is this grass cold tolerant?? Do you need exceptional soil?
    Pat Tucker
    Superior, Mt.

  11. Scott Krehan | April 7, 2014 at 5:15 pm | Reply

    Where is the unbiased review? All this page is is a rehash of the Bob Villa sales pitch. Absolutely no useful information.


  13. The grass seed we need, but why is shipping so stinking high? It costs more than the seed. Good grief!

    • You can buy grassology in some retail stores such as bed bath and beyond for $19.99. Then there are zero shipping charges. Good Luck !!

  14. Geraldine Jeffres | March 19, 2014 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    Does this grassology seed do well in South Texas?

  15. Geraldine Jeffres | March 19, 2014 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    I already have pocket hoses (2). Do not need them. What would 6 lbs. of seed cost me for grassology and shipping?

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