Gotham Steel Pans Review

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About Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel Pans declares to be the most innovative nonstick cookware that makes the stickiest of dishes slide right off its surface. The pan alleges to withstand fire and safely cooks up to 500 degrees in the microwave. Gotham Steel Pans asserts to be dishwasher safe.

How does Gotham Steel Pan work?

Unlike regular nonstick pans Gotham Steel Pans convinces to be made with ceramic that makes it nonstick and titanium that makes it strong enough to remain undamaged even by fire. It proclaims that the stickiest of recipe will slide off it and even metal spatula or hand blender won’t scratch its surface.

Gotham Steel Pan Claims

The strongest nonstick pan for your kitchen – If you’re tired of food sticking to your so-called nonstick pan every time and scrubbing the pan leads to scratches, then Gotham Steel Pans emphasizes to be the right nonstick cookware for your kitchen. It states that its surface is made with ceramic and titanium making it nonstick and super strong. Gotham Steel Pans promises that you can make the stickiest recipe with chocolate chips, marshmallow and condensed milk and it would still slide right off. Gotham Steel Pans assures to take microwave heat up to 500 degrees. Gotham Steel Pans claims that nothing can cause scratches on it not even beating eggs with a metal hand blender. Because of its nonstick property, Gotham Steel Pans asserts that you can eliminate butter and oil from your diet because food won’t stick on the pan even if no grease is used.

Great for flambé recipes without using grease – There is no limit to the number of healthy dishes you can make on Gotham Steel Pans as its manufacturers claim. Whether you want to make flaky salmon or grill steak, Gotham Steel Pans proclaims to let you prepare them all perfectly. It’s impossible to get burnt cheese off the surface of traditional pans but Gotham Steel Pans convinces that even shredded cheese comes right off the pan completely and easily. In fact, Gotham Steel Pans alleges that you can shape a bowl to make unique party dips. Gotham Steel Pans assures to be great for flambé recipes because even fire cannot harm it. Gotham Steel Pans maintains to be PTFE/PFOA/PFOS free so it cooks healthy recipes. Along with the promise of food never sticking to the surface, Gotham Steel Pans claims to be dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze.

Gotham Steel Pans REVIEW

It’s a terrible product – Jill who bought Gotham Steel Pan complained in her review that the pan is a piece of junk and nothing like one expects it to be. When she received her pans she was excited about using them but was quickly disappointed when the eggs stuck to the pan and so did the veggies. Frying eggs left them scrambled by the time they were done, and less said about veggies the better. She kept it on low or medium heat, but in that case the ham just doesn’t brown. According to her, it doesn’t even slide like in the commercial. Unfortunately that’s not the only part where they lie about the pans. She was told that she would get free shipping if she ordered two pans as the bill amount would be high enough. She got no free shipping. She was also told that the pans would come with lids but that wasn’t true either.

Too many false promises – Lance who reviewed Gotham Steel Pan exposed in his review that he ordered a few of these pans at one time but they arrived about a month later than they promised. Part of the promotional deal was the glass lid, which was somehow cancelled before the pans reached him. Trying to speak to the customer service was another disaster because they would just give him some introduction and let loose. He thinks that the pans work okay but you can find similar pans everywhere and there are usually a lot cheaper. You also don’t have to go through this hassle for them.

Doesn’t work, false returns policy – Bebe who bought Gotham Steel Pan complained in her review that she relented and bought the pan after constant advertising. It took more than a month for the pan to arrive but she was excited about using it. She tried to make the S’more dip as shown in the infomercial. She pre-heated the oven to 450 degrees, put chocolate chips in the pan, covered it with condensed milk and marshmallows. She followed the instructions to the T and yet it didn’t slide out like in the commercial. She let it cool and it finally oozed out but there was a mess on the pan. She couldn’t get it cleaned with a paper towel, which just stuck to the gelatinous residue. She had to use hot water and soap to clean it. You are told that it has 90 day returns, but when you click on it you get 30 days returns option. Plus you have to pay shipping and handling costs, which is quite annoying.

It is crap – Robert who used Gotham Steel Pan revealed in his review that everything stuck to the pans, from eggs to bacon. When particles stick to the pan, they are impossible to remove. He believes he would be better off using cast iron pans, and can cook better even on stainless steel pans. What was also annoying was that he kept getting calls from Gotham to sell other purchase coupon books.

Gotham Steel Pans Pros

One customer Jacob, who used Gotham Steel Pans reveals that the use of titanium helps in making it light and strong and the highly tensile material heats up quickly and evenly. The pan is filled with features and advantages such as nonporous, nonreactive, nonallergic and antibacterial surface. The non-sticky feature helps in cooking healthy food easily and cleaning is swift too with an easy wipe with a washcloth. Another customer Bobbi, who purchased Gotham Steel Pans, has similar views. Collectively they have a concern whether titanium is really inert and doesn’t need any coating and yet is non-toxic.

Celina, a customer who bought Gotham Steel Pans says there is still a concern about it being a superior choice of healthy cookware. But it does have many benefits. The pan is highly non-sticky and retains the food nutrients better than steaming does. Hailey, another customer who reviewed Gotham Steel Pans, reveals that it is the lightest of pans that does not compromise with strength. The pan is corrosion-resistant, heats quickly and does not need high amount of heat to functions.

Gotham Steel Pans Cons

One customer, Pamela, who used Gotham Steel Pans complains that the biggest drawback of this pan is its high cost. Although titanium can be treated as an investment as it stays new-like for years and its performance stays consistent throughout. But the price may be touted as a drawback. Another customer Corey, who bought Gotham Steel Pans states that considering how costly titanium really is, chances are it’s used in a very smaller proportion in the pan. In fact, the customer says that it might be a sales gimmick to attract customers. Similar to other non-stick cookware which are PTFE and PFOA free, constant use will result in degradation over time.

Linda, a customer who also reviewed Gotham Steel Pans has similar complaints regarding the titanium content as it may be a marketing ploy. It may heat up quickly but loses heat quicker than that. Carmen, a customer who purchased Gotham Steel Pans, also feels it is highly expensive. Also it conducts heat less evenly than stainless steel and can be a concern while overheating it.

What Do I Get?

  • Get the Gotham Steel 9″ Pan and omelet maker for $19.99 + $13.90 S&H.
  • Official website:

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  1. This is a scam. Never got it.

  2. I ordered the pan on 11/23/15. I also upgraded and ordered the omelet pan. I still haven’t received my order. However, I did receive an email with a shipping notification along with a notice that the omelet pan was cancelled. The tracking info included in the shipping notification doesn’t work. I feel like I’ve been scammed. I would not recommend ordering from this company.

  3. Is the pan induction compatible?

  4. Robin Hadley | December 28, 2015 at 2:16 am |

    Ordered pans in November and still not received. If you are wanting make sure you aren’t in a hurry to get them

  5. This may be the most worthless “review” I’ve ever read. Nobody actually used the pan, it basically says “well, if it works like it says, it’s good.” Time-wasting.

    • LOL, precisely what I was going to say! I’m looking for reviews on the product, not on the commercial!

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