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What is GloPRO Tool?

It’s a micro-stimulation facial tool that rejuvenates and exfoliates your complexion to make it firm, smooth and youthful. GloPRO Tool is a micro-stimulation facial tool that promises to transform your look and take years off your skin, making you look brighter and years younger that it is now.

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Revitalizes and Smoothens Skin – The makers of GloPRO Tool state that they have incorporated special GloPRO Micro-needling Technology in it, which has been recognized as the 2017 Total Beauty Editors’ Pick. GloPRO Tool and should act as testimony to what it claims it does.

Revitalizes and Smoothens Skin – GloPRO Tool has been designed to rejuvenate the skin and pamper it with a glow that is instantly noticeable. GloPRO Tool also exfoliates skin with patented micro needle technology, which aims to make the skin become firmer, brighter and silkier. GloPRO Tool, officially called the GloPRO Micro-stimulation Facial Tool, is also provided with 540 stainless steel Micro-tips that create gentle micro channels in the dry, top layer of the skin. This is a part of the patented micro needling technology used by the Glo PRO Tool, which works toward bringing about a radical improvement that its makers claim, has worked for over 95% people who’ve opted for it.

Boosts Natural Cell Turnover – Besides revitalizing and exfoliating the skin to make it look radiant and healthy, GloPRO Tool claims it also encourages skin’s natural cell turnover, which is known to play a key role in reducing signs of ageing.

Effective, Safe and Quick – The promoters of Glo PRO Tool explain that using this device is very convenient and safe. The Glo PRO Tool has to be used for just one minute three times in a week. Also, the makers of Glo PRO Tool assure you that it is very safe and easy to use and handle it.


Margarita Mcgee who used GloPRO Tool has complained in her review that it caused small cuts on her face. She says it was the last thing she expected while buying GloPRO Tool. She found injuries on her face more than once after using it. She now says that this version of GloPRO Tool isn’t anywhere close to the devices that dermatologists and professionals use. Another user, Naomi Evans, calls GloPRO Tool a cheap and poorly designed instrument. She says that the needles that treat the skin on its surface (at the right side) aren’t even, which causes discomfort. She’s also complained about the creaky noise that it makes and puts her off. Since she’s used the GloPRO Tool only once, she can’t comment on its impact.

Carol Hughes in her GloPRO Tool review says though she finds the tool alright, she’s concerned about the hygiene factor and infections it may cause. She’s also mentioned the squeaky noise it makes while being used. Cynthia Gray, another customer of GloPRO Tool has discussed the instrument in her review. She says that though it is quite agreeable, it is rather heavy and uncomfortable to be manoeuvred around mouth and nose. She’s also of the opinion that the GloPRO Tool is good on for areas around eyes and that it has no real needles, so it’s not good for the face.

Dorothy Wright, who bought the GloPRO Tool some days back, has written in her review that it is nothing more than a passive roller. She bought the GloPRO Tool to ease stretch marks on her upper thigh, but is disappointed to see that it’s not working even though two months have passed.

Emily Roberts has raised a doubt about the authenticity of GloPRO Tool in her review. She wonders if the needles used in GloPRO Tool are really made of titanium as it’s a ‘Made in China’ product. She says she’s been using the GloPRO Tool for over three weeks now but is yet to see positive results. She says she read up that GloPRO Tool isn’t really equipped to treat dark spots and scars on skin.

GloPRO Tool Questions and Answers

Q: What does the GloPRO Tool do?
A: It treats the skin by needling it with an aim to make it firmer and younger. It leads to the repair stage in which the body’s natural production of collagen becomes better.

Q: Does GloPRO Tool treat scars not on your face?
A: In all likelihood, yes.

Q: Are the needles of GloPRO Tool diamond shaped?
A: It’s difficult to say that as the needles are too small to be seen.

Q: Can I use bio oil with the GloPRO Tool?
A: Apparently you can, as bio oil isn’t known to cause any harm. People do use it on a clean face and then apply moisturizer. You can try that too.

Q: Does this device hurt?
A: Not really; you just need to ensure you don’t apply too much force. People use this appliance under their eyes to ease puffiness and dark circles, so that must convince you that it is safe, even with needles around the eyes.

Q: Is it ok to use the GloPRO Tool on the neck?
A: No instructions have been given (in its videos at least) about how it can be used on the neck, so it’s better to do some research and find out.

Q: Does the GloPRO Tool clear the pores?
A: Not really; it has been designed mainly to make the beauty product you’re using go deep into your skin.

Q: Can the GloPRO Tool remove brown spots from the skin?
A: You can use Vitamin C serum to reduce brown spots. Start running the roller on your skin and then apply vitamin C serum after that.

Q: Does the GloPRO Tool have FDA approval?
A: FDA gives approval basically for drugs and medical devices, so it is not in a position to certify GloPRO Tool.

Q: How should I clean the GloPRO Tool?
A: You just need to place this device under running warm water to clean it.

Q: How often should I use the GloPRO Tool?
A: At least once a week.

Q: Is a numbing cream to be used with the GloPRO Tool?
A: No, you don’t. It just causes a very mild pricking sensation which is not excruciating.

Q: Does the GloPRO Tool treat acne scar bumps?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Does this take care of acne scar bumps?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it ok to use the GloPRO Tool treat work on marks on shoulders?
A: No one has tried it yet, so it’s not known.

Q: Should I moisturize first and then use the roller while using the GloPRO Tool or should it be the other way round?
A: You need to use the roller first on cleansed face and then apply the serum or moisturizer.

Q: Can I use the GloPRO Tool with Retin-A to treat acne?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does the the GloPRO Tool boost facial hair growth or remove hair from unwanted places?
A: No.

Q: Can I use the GloPRO Tool on the lip area?
A: Using this appliance on the lips and eyelids is better avoided as these areas are far more vascular than other parts of the face.

Q: Does the GloPRO Tool remove dark circles?
A: it works on eye bags but not really on dark circles.

Q: What kind of moisturizer is recommended for the GloPRO Tool?
A: Vitamin C based moisturizer is known to be ideal for use with this appliance.

Q: Should I use the GloPRO Tool preferably in the morning or at night?
A: At night.

Q: How many micro needles are there on the GloPRO Tool?
A: There are too many tiny needles to count.

Q: Can GloPRO Tool reduce stretch marks and cellulite?
A: Not really.

Q: Can I use the GloPRO Tool for my upper back acne scars?
A: A physician’s advice will be important here.

Q: Does the GloPRO Tool work on saggy skin?
A: Actually, no.

What do I get?

  • 1 GloPRO Micro Stimulation Facial Tool with vibration and LED technology
  • 1 GloPRO Body Micro Tip Attachment Head

Get GloPRO Micro Stimulation Facial Tool Kit for $149.85 + S/h at the Official website

Our Verdict on GloPro

There are many micro-needling technology products available in the market that can be used at home claimed to give same results as that of in the professional clinics. Our concern is to know which one of the many products works close to as described and worth the buy.

You can buy Glopro kit from official website for $199 and also on for range of $199 to $224.53 from different buyer. GloPro has got an average of 2.9 star ratings with 24 customer reviews. It has received a mixed reviews where for some this product worked and for some they did not see any difference. You can look for Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument on $16.97. It is featured in amazon’s choice product for Sdara skincare Derma Roller. It has 4.6 star ratings with 173 customer reviews. What is different from GloPro that Derma Roller does not have LED lights and also you have to manually roll it across the face.

We would recommend you to go for Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling instrument as it way more cheaper than Glopro and gives the best result as per the amazon reviews. You can also search for many more similar products and do research and study reviews especially the 1, 2 3 star ratings before finalizing which product to finally purchase.

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2 Comments on "GloPRO Tool REVIEWS | Questions and Answers"

  1. Sandra Lechelt | October 23, 2018 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    Glow pro is a product that DOES NOT work. The tiny needles in the device simply do not penetrate deep enough to have any lasting effect on your face. I purchased this from The Shopping Channel and am very dissatisfied with them for carrying such a mediocre product. The people who own this company in my opinion are scammers.
    Very dissatisfied Canadian Customer.

  2. Is it safe to wear makeup the day after using the GloPro or will the open channels absorb the makeup? Will a primer the day after further seal in bacteria into the skin the day after using GloPro.

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