Geojoy Review

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What is it?

Geojoy is a geometric puzzle toy designed to keep your pet’s body and brain busy. This treat-dispensing puzzle toy is guaranteed to give your dog the mental stimulation and physical activity they need.

Geojoy is designed to hold up to 1 cup of food. With Geojoy your pet is sure to have hours and hours of fun trying to get hold of the yummy treats.

How to use

Simply fill Geojoy with your dog’s favorite treat and your dog will have so much fun trying to work the puzzle to get the treats out.

Simply attach two or more puzzles to make the puzzle more interesting and challenging for your dog.

Great for all dogs
Geojoy is perfect for dogs of all sizes & ages. It is also BPA-free, non-toxic and safe for dogs of all sizes.

Great Looks
Geojoy features a modern design inspired by geometric shapes making it look stylish in any home.

Dishwasher Safe
Geojoy is dishwasher safe.
Order the Geojoy today and never see your pet bored ever again!

What do I get?
Please refer official website :

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