Genie Shape Skirt Review

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About Genie Shape Skirt

Genie Shape Skirt claims to be slimming and shaping skirt that combines the stylish look of denim with the comfort of stretch fabric. Because of this combination, Genie Shape Skirt assures to look great while giving you an ultra comfortable feel and provide an amazing shape, something denim skirts can’t do. Genie Shape Skirt asserts that it doesn’t stick at the wrong place or cause muffin top like traditional denim skirt does.

How does it work

What states to make Genie Shape Skirt so effective and amazing is its comfi-stretch triple-layered technology. The ultra-comfy layer convinces that the skirt just needs to be pulled over and is gentle on the skin and doesn’t dig into the skin. The gentle compressing layer of Genie Shape Skirt convinces to work as the body-shaper that keeps all the bulging problem areas such as muffin tops and love handles shaped in. The photorealistic 3D layer declares to give the skirt a real denim skirt look along with its front and back pockets.

Slimming and shaping denim skirt

For girls who want to look trendy in denim skirts but don’t quite fancy the heavy and stiff fabric, Genie Shape Skirt proclaims to be the solution. Genie Shape Skirt maintains to be slimming and shaping skirt that has the stylish look of denim skirt. With Genie Shape Skirt the creators promise that you do not have to worry about buttons that dig into your skin or zipper that gets stuck. Genie Shape Skirt allegedly needs to be just pulled on and you’re done. Denim skirts also do not always flatter your figure and add unsightly muffin tops or ride up at the wrong places. But Genie Shape Skirt promises to hug your curves and give your lower body a great shape – right from your tummy to your thighs and buns. Genie Shape Skirt maintains that it goes over your tummy comfortably to eliminate muffin tops or love handles and your body stays in so there are no unsightly love handles to worry about.

Looks just like designer denim skirt

Genie Shape Skirt alleges that it is great for any season as it works on all kinds of tops. Genie Shape Skirt claims that it looks just like denim skirt so do you not have to cough up hundreds of dollars on designer skirts to look great. Genie Shape Skirt emphasizes to come in classic blue, stonewash black and leopard prints that look stylish all year long. Just like a denim skirt, Genie Shape Skirt claims to have front and back pockets but they lay flat so they are almost invisible yet so you can keep your belongings such as the phone in it comfortably.

What Do I Get?

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