Garlic Master REVIEW

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What is Garlic Master?

It’s a sophisticated garlic cutter that chops garlic into as many as 81 cubes in a single spin it’s assembled to make. Garlic Master could be the solution you’ve needed to expedite the tedious (and messy) task of cutting garlic as it’s designed to help you precision cut its cloves in 81 cubes in a tick.



Garlic Master REVIEW

Garlic Master review states that it’s been used several times a year for about a decade. It’s the most perfect and consistent at dicing garlic. However, for a small batch of garlic that Garlic Master minces, it needs considerably more work to load and clean. It can be used for small batches of perfectly diced garlic. To dice garlic, one needs to press the garlic down the shaft of Garlic Master while twisting it with the help of a threaded post attached to the handle, pushing it through sharp steel blades. A blade that spins while twisting dices the garlic perfectly.

A shortcoming with Garlic Master is that the cutter takes force to twist. Garlic Master has too many parts, which makes cleanup a hassle. Someone with strong hands also gets a bit tired. Garlic Master is small, so if wants more amount of diced garlic, it takes reloading a couple of times to make garlic bread for up to eight people. On using the older version of Garlic Master, it’s evident that the creator could have changed the pitch of the threads on the post or its material to minimize the amount of force needed. Garlic Master makes hands smell of garlic lesser than other cutters or pressers.

Garlic Master review calls it a well-constructed garlic cutter and mincer. Unlike other pressers that make garlic lose a lot of oil in the clove or bulb while mashing, Garlic Master gives neatly sliced and minced garlic or small cubes. A previous Garlic Master was used for 15 years, and though its tab that holds the blade section together broke, the cutter works all right if a hand is kept around the mid and blade section. The old Garlic Master was stainless and black and the new one works as good as the old one.


Garlic Master CLAIMS

Chopping Garlic Made Exciting and Easy – It is a cylindrical-shaped tool with a chamber at the bottom in which you need to place garlic cloves, then insert its upper part in the base, lock it and twist it. Its stainless steel cutting grid will create finely chopped garlic cubes instantly as its press pushes the cloves through a stainless steel cutting grid of 16 sharp blades. Another blade then cuts the cloves as its silicone peeler rolls and peels them smoothly.

No Smell, No Mess, Easy to Clean – The makers of Garlic Master claim that you don’t need to touch the garlic cloves at any point while chopping them; it does the job all by itself, and you need to just sprinkle the cubes over your recipes. And there’s no odor, nor any mess. Also, is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning it after use totally hassle-free.


What do I get?
Garlic Master with Clear Storage Container and Garlic Peeler for just $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and get Genius Slicer for another $9.99 | Official Website:

2 Comments on "Garlic Master REVIEW"

  1. This product is crap!! Don’t waste your money

  2. Was a garlic lover, I am always looking for new and defferent ways to chop up my favorite spice. But this thing is not the way to do that. If you put one clove of garlic into it at a time, wnich is what they suggest, it takes forever for the stuff to come out of the bottom. It is hard to turn, and the more you put in it, the hatder it is to twist.
    Imo, it is much easier just to use a garlic press. They have larger ones now that will enable you to put two or three pieces in at once, and much quicker.

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