Fuzzeez Review

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What are Fuzzeez?

They are cute, soft and cuddly friends that kids can make themselves with complete ease, according to their claims. Fuzzeez assure kids a fun way to create and entertain themselves while they have soft and cute friends to cuddle with as well. As a parent you not only want to keep your kids engaged but boost their creativity too. Fuzzeez claim to work well on both counts and become unlimited source of fun for kids. But whether they live up to the claims we can only find out after going through Fuzzeez reviews.

Fuzzeez Review

Julie Hill complains in her Fuzzeez review“Fuzzeez was messy, and it was tedious. Even after spending time following the directions of Fuzzeez and going through the proper washing and drying cycles the “T” came out with the face completely falling off.”

Megan Lowe is utterly disappointed with her purchase, in her Fuzzeez review she mentions – “Fuzzeez is basically the fuzz from your dryer lint trap coloured and squeezed together into an animal-like shape. The finished product looks like a stuffed animal for about two minutes before it starts to fall apart, making your child cry.”

Rachael Brian complains“Fuzzeez is a huge pain to make and it was so flimsy when finished.”

Lauren Thompson who is disillusioned with the Fuzzeez states in her review“Unless you plan to simply display this Fuzzeez stuffing in the shape of an animal then do not buy this. You may have fun putting Fuzzeez together but that will be the end of the fun. After removing Fuzzeez from the mold it starts to come apart. Then you have to try putting it back in the mold and washing and drying it again which gets you back to a shaped stuffing which cannot be handled. Fuzzeez is not recommended.”

Melissa Murphy in her Fuzzeez review complains“Even after following directions, Fuzzeez didn’t make it longer than a day. Fuzzeez was a pain to put together too.”

Emily Marshall mentions in her Fuzzeez review”Simply add pink color in big chucks – it will not make pretty and narrow stripes. Do not skip wash otherwise it will never get dry with the soap. The main thing with Fuzzeez is not to have high expectations and just have fun and maybe a good laugh out of it!”

Grace Brown complains in her review“With Fuzzeez you really have to work the fuzz to get it appropriately felted so it won’t come apart. As in, wet using the soap solution and mush it with your fingers so you have this weird mushy consistency and cannot separate fibers. Using different colors, you have to be really sure to tease the white and pink together so they will stick or they will not stay together as others alluded to.”

Fuzzeez CLAIMS

Very easy to create – It stresses on the fact that with Fuzzeez there is no sewing required to create kids’ favorite companions. All they have to do is choose their favorite Fuzzeez form and stuff it. They can then add button eyes and nose. Finally spray and stuff till the cuddly friend is filled just right. That’s all it takes to have huggable toys at kids’ fingertips. We hope Fuzzeez reviews will be able to shed light on these claims.

Kids also have the option of following the pattern that is given to them or mixing things up if they want. Thus they can make Fuzzeez that are completely unique too. Now their cuddly friends can give a shout out to their names or their favorite teams for that matter. Options are practically endless for kids to play with. We look forward to analyzing Fuzzeez reviews to verify these claims.

Cute options for kids to choose from – The secret of Fuzzeez lies in the magical cloud of fluff that makes the toys plush and very huggable as kids would like them to be. You will also be pleased to find that they are washable and can be tumbled dried if required. Above all, Fuzzeez has fun options that will bring a smile to kids’ faces. Now they can choose between the playful puppy, cute kitty and adorable teddy that will be long lasting companions for kids. We hope to find out more about these cute and fun options in your Fuzzeez reviews.

What do I get?
You get Two sets of Fuzzeez™ Creation Kit plus Two sets of full Creation Kit, including the Fuzzeez™ form of your choice, fluff and accessories for USD $19.99 + $8.99 P+H..Official website myfuzzeez.com

3 Comments on "Fuzzeez Review"

  1. Heartbreakingly bad! Not like the photos at all. we followed directions exactly, and this sad, falling apart lump of fur was the result. DONT buy these!! cheap and badly made….it just made my daughter cry…

  2. Joseph Kelly | June 6, 2017 at 7:56 am | Reply

    I bought fuzzeez for my daughter and we had a wonderful time making it. Everything went exactly as the instructions said it would. Only problem was I would have like to build more than one but don’t know where in the UK to buy more stuffing and accessories. However, my daughter loves her new toy.

  3. We got the blue dog fuzzeez, it came with no white fuzz, which was disappointing, but worst yet, it’s been 2 days in the drier, on high setting over and over, and it’s still wet. Now it smells like wet dog. Love the idea, my daughter was so excited making it and had a good time doing it. But the trouble afterwords not worth it for us.

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