Frost Gone Review

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About Frost Gone

Frost Gone states to be a cover for your car windshield that works as a protective barrier to prevent frost from forming. It maintains that you will save time and never be late for work because frost will be off the car in 15 seconds.



How does it work

Instead of chipping and scraping the frost away or swiping the inches of snow that takes at least 30 minutes of your time, Frost Gone declares that you need to spend just a few seconds to use it. The protective barrier can be pulled over the windshield and wipers to cover them completely and then slide and snap the straps around the mirror. When you need to take the care out, just unsnap it and pull the snow off the windshield. You will have clear windshield in seconds, as Frost Gone asserts.


Get the frost off your windshield in seconds

Getting rid of frost on your windshield can take 30 minutes of your time. But Frost Gone guarantees that you will be ready to drive off in just about 15 seconds with this revolutionary solution. One typically needs to chip and scrape the frost off the windshield and that is a lot of hard work and spending time as well and can get you late to work. But with the windshield armor you can allegedly save both time and energy on zooming off to work. No matter how chilly it gets, Frost Gone guarantees to protect the windshield from frost, snow and ice. The windshield protector emphasizes to be easy to use. You just need to pull it over the windshield and wipers, snap it secure around the mirror to get protection. Frost Gone proclaims that you can unsnap it just as easily to get a clear windshield in seconds.



Get crystal clear view for more safety

No matter how meticulously you try to clear the frost off the windshield, you often don’t get a clear view, which can be really dangerous. But Frost Gone promises to keep the frost away completely so that you get crystal clear view when you drive adding to your safety. Guaranteeing to have a weather proof apron, Frost Gone claims that it doesn’t let the wipers freeze. It convinces to come in a standard size to fit most cars whether compact or minivans, and the extra large one can fit RVs and bigger vehicles. Not just freezing winters, Frost Gone assures to be a weather-proof barrier to protect your dashboard from the harsh sun.


Better than other shield guards

Traditional shield guards use magnets to mount and they can’t always withstand strong winds. But Frost Gone alleges that it doesn’t need magnets and the adjustable straps stay snapped secure and withstand the hardest of wind. Frost Gone declares to come in blue, purple, camouflage, red and black colors. Frost Gone also asserts to be easy to store; it can be folded and kept in the trunk and be carried on drives out of town as well.


What do I get?

You will receive two Frost Gone™ Windshield Protector, in your choice of colors, for just $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website


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