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About Freshie

Freshie states to be a crochet scrubber for your kitchen that does not stink like regular sponges and scrubbers. It states to use just half the dish detergent to give you equally squeaky clean pots and pans. Freshie guarantees that it gives ease of cleaning with its unique shape and dries quickly, too.


How does Freshie work?

Freshie declares to be made of specialty yarn that is soft-bristled and prevents build up and malodor. The scrubber also maintains to have a patented design that lets air to flow through it so that it dries quickly and completely thus preventing stink. The alleged unique shape of the scrubber promises to make cleaning jobs quick.


Keep your scrubber fresh – If you hate the sticky feel and bad odor in your kitchen sponges and scrubbers, then Freshie proclaims to be just the thing you need. But, before falling for such a claim, check out user reviews of Freshie to verify. This is a kitchen crochet scrubber that convinces to be clever and quick-drying and take the effort out of cleaning jobs. Instead of blindly believing this tall claim, reviews of Freshie must be checked out first. Proclaiming to be made of soft-bristled specialty yarn the scrubber assures that it does not cause buildup of dish detergent or even grime or even odor. There aren’t enough reviews of Freshie to ascertain if this claim is true.


Cleans with half the dish detergent – For any kind of cleaning a traditional scrubber uses up a lot of dish detergent, but with its alleged patented design, the cleaner guarantees to do the job in half the dish detergent. This claim sounds too fanciful so it would be sensible to wait for Freshie reviews first. Emphasizing to be made of crochet design, the kitchen scrubber declares to prevent odor, though this can be verified only after Freshie user reviews are out.

Proclaiming to have a unique shape, the scrubber also maintains that it has better grip to make your cleaning jobs quick, more efficient and easier than other sponges. Does that sound too fanciful? Read Freshie reviews first before choosing it. Sponges and scrubbers wear out too quickly and need to be replaced but the scrubber asserts that it lasts seven times longer than regular scrubbers. This claim might encourage you to buy the scrubber but it would be sensible not to invest till there are ample Freshie reviews.


Dries quickly and easy to clean – Freshie assures that it is safe for all your pots and pans and causes no scratches because of its soft bristles. Such a tall claim is yet to be backed by Freshie user reviews, though. It also proclaims to clean fruits and vegetables, though no reviews of Freshie have confirmed this claim yet. Other scrubbers and sponges cannot be cleaned easily and need to be washed by hands but Freshie promises to be dishwasher and washing machine safe so cleaning it is just as easy. This claim can be verified once more reviews of Freshie are in.


What do I get?
Get 6 Freshie Sponges for $10 + $9.90 S/h. Official website:

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