Footsie Blanket Review

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What is Footsie Blanket

It proclaims to be blanket that has special pockets for your feet to keep it from slipping off. Alleging to be made of extra plush fleece, it assures to be warm and cozy even on a chilly night.


No more cold feet

Footsie Blanket claims to be a blanket that can keep you warm from neck to toe all the time. Unlike most blankets that slip off your feet when you cover your upper body, Footsie Blanket declares to have special pockets for your feet to keep them warm. With this feature, Footsie Blanket states that no matter how much you pull the blanket close to the neck, it won’t expose your feet to the chilly weather. Footsie Blanket assures to keep you warm and cozy no matter how much you move. Thus Footsie Blanket claims that you can get undisturbed sleep throughout the night. Whether you are sitting on a couch watching TV or sleeping in bed, Footsie Blanket maintains to give you complete warmth and comfort every second. So you are guaranteed to cuddle or nap wearing Footsie Blanket without feeling the chill on your feet. Footsie Blanket alleges that you can carry on with your work or read a book while being warm.


Super luxurious fleece

Other than warmth and coziness, Footsie Blanket promises to give you a luxurious feel. Proclaiming to be made with extra plush fleece, Footsie Blanket asserts that you will only feel luxurious when you use this blanket. Because of the special pockets for your feet, Footsie Blanket maintains that it is very comfortable for your kids who do not have to face the discomfort. Footsie Blanket also guarantees to find favor with kids because of its softness. Footsie Blanket states to come in one-size-fit all so you or your kids can use them. Footsie Blanket assures to be easy to maintain. You can just toss the Footsie Blanket in the washing machine to clean it. Footsie Blanket is made of 100% polyester. You are assured to get Footsie Blanket in exciting red and blue colors. Footsie Blanket is allegedly light enough to be carried on travels. Storing Footsie Blanket is also easy as the claim goes.


You can walk wearing it

It’s excruciating when you need to get off your bed, couch or chair in the cold weather to get a drink of water or snack or anything else because your feet are exposed to the cold. But Footsie Blanket convinces that you can place your feet on the ground without feeling the chill. This is because one can walk wearing Footsie Blanket so your feet won’t get cold. Footsie Blanket assures to be made of non-slip fabric so you do not have to worry about tripping even if you walk in them. You can even sit on a chair wearing Footsie Blanket, as its manufacturers claim. So you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the cold weather or just sit chatting up with your friends while being warm.


What do I get?

You will get Footsie Blanket for £14.99.Official website


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