Foot Angel Review

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What is Foot Angel?

Foot Angel guarantees to be a revolutionary foot compression sleeve that can be simply slipped on to alleviate aches and pains in your feet and heels and bring relief to your tired, achy and swollen ankles.


Foot Angel REVIEW

After investigating a number of Foot Compression sleeves we concluded that Foot Angel was created as a competitor to the much famous and widely used compression socks – OrthoSleeve FS6. The FS6 uses 6 different zones of compression as you move up the garment. Foot Angel claims to offer “7 Compression Zones” – thus defeating the FS6 in the advertisement battle. But Foot Angel fails to reveal details of features and benefits of these “compression zones”.

There is absolutely nothing unique about Foot Angel, it just another “foot compression sleeve” that are available in plenty everywhere. The infomercial of Foot Angel make it look like a miracle socks that will cure your aching ankle and foot with a touch. Unfortunately it is not so, we have reviewed dozens of similar foot compression sleeves and found out that even the most popular of them have substantial negative reviews complaining about being misled by the advertisement. It is interesting to note that there have not been many professional clinical/medical studies conducted to prove the efficiency of these plantar fasciitis socks like the Foot Angel. It is still not clear how effective Foot Angel is going to be in reducing the pain or as a treatment option at all.

The other downside of the Foot Angel is that they don’t reveal how much pressure the socks applies. The “actual” foot compression sleeves always have a chart of compression levels their products offer. Foot Angel’s website does not mention any such information about the Compression pressure (in mmHg).


Disadvantages of Foot Angel

  • The website does not mention much about the fabric/material of Foot Angel, it does not seem to use the Moisture-Wicking Fabric.
  • Foot Angel could be flimsy and poor quality. Foot Angel may loose compression very soon.
  • Too tight – Many people who have used similar foot compression sleeves like Foot Angel complain that they just squeezes the foot and offer no support whatsoever.
  • May not help people with injured foot and ankle, and may even worsen their pain.
  • Many people find foot compression like Foot Angel UNCOMFORTABLE to wear.
  • Uncomfortable to wear with shoes. Rolls inside of running shoe.
  • Many people complain that these compression sleeve cut the blood circulation and make your toe swell.
  • Also wearing the Foot angel all night can cause you more pain than relief.


Should you buy Foot Angel

If you have any medical condition like Plantar Fasciitis, then we suggest NOT TO USE FOOT ANGEL COMPRESSION SLEEVE, instead use products specially meant to address such medical conditions. Also Foot Angel shouldn’t be the only tool in your fight against Plantar Fasciitis. We suggest not to buy Foot Angel unless you are convinced that they will help you and you are sure that this what you want. As mentioned earlier in the Foot Angel review, this is not the only product of its kind. There are tons available at,, and the rest. One such alternative is OrthoSleeve FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve. It has over 800 reviews at and average ratings of 4 stars out of 5 and is priced between $23 to $28.

Size does matter when it comes to compression socks, make sure you order the correct size of the Foot Angel.


How does Foot Angel claim to work?

To get relief from achy feet, you just need to slip on Foot Angel under your socks or hosiery, as its promoters claim. The seven-zone design of Foot Angel gives compression to the ball, arch, Plantar Fascia, heel and ankle to give you relaxing relief like from a therapeutic foot massage. Foot Angel asserts to work by supporting your feet, stimulating blood circulation, and reducing swelling.


Relief from achy and swollen feet easily
Anyone who suffers from aching feet, heel pain, swollen ankles, arch pain or conditions like plantar fasciitis knows how debilitating the pain can be. A regular and absolutely necessary activity like walking becomes so painful and you just cannot help it… or you can, as Foot Angel, the miraculous foot compression foot sleeve claims. Foot Angel guarantees to provide compression to as many as seven different zones of your foot. Foot Angel assures to be lightweight and comfortable unlike ankle binders, caps or bandages, Foot Angel emphasize that the fabric is breathable and light so your feet will be dry and comfortable even after wearing it for hours.


Wear it discreetly with any type of shoes
Whether you want to wear sandals, sneakers or boots, Foot Angel asserts that it can be worn discreetly under any socks or hosiery. Foot Angel claims that you can even wear it to bed and step down in the morning and go for walks or runs without the shooting pain in your feet. Foot Angel states to be unisex, machine washable and can be worn on either foot.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Two Foot Angel for $12.99 plus $13.98 P&H!

Official website:

9 Comments on "Foot Angel Review"


  2. After waiting for a month I got a single sock, not a set of sock, just a single sock with the massage ball. The company was offering a Buy one Get one when I ordered my moms socks. Expecting it to arrive that includes 2 socks and free massage ball. Called the costumer service and told me that my account says i only ordered one. I told him that I specifically remember that I checked a box that says, if i pay for the shipping and handling i I would get the other sock for free. He only said sorry and offered me to send me another sock, but i only have to pay for the shipping. I said no thanks and said my goodbyes.

    I will never recommend this product and company to anyone

  3. I made the mistake of ordering these. You only get 1 $12.99. The website is very misleading. Thought I was getting a pair. I also ordered the LXL and could not get them on my foot. To top it off, I’m out $13.99 for shipping. They could have sent the foot Angel in a business envelope, they are so thin.


  4. This company is a SCAM! When I noticed they charged an additional $18.97 for non-continental US shipping, I immediately send an email to cancel the corder. There was no reply. In fact, the email address is a non existing one. If you want to call them, you must dial an 844 number, which also has significant charges associated with it. As I mentioned, this is a SCAM!!

  5. My wife was pushing me to order these,and as usual,”as seen on tv” means hidden cost,dissatisfied customers,and a useless product. We will take the websites advice and shop locally. Thanks for making this review.

  6. Jarmila L Holland | May 4, 2015 at 12:17 am | Reply


  7. DON’T BUY THE FOOT ANGEL SOCK. I bought an XL and it is way too small. Can’t even get it over my toes. The shipping and handling ends up costing more than the product itself. Mine are sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Sending them back would cost more than the sock itself, plus you lose your shipping and handling costs,

  8. I finally received my Foot Angel, 4 weeks after I placed the order. I purchased a X-Large because I have Ankle & Leg (swelling) Edema, from Cancer treatments.. The sock X-L is way to small. It cut off my foot circulation causing extreme foot pain!!!! It’s cheaper to got to and get the 65083 Therafirm 20-30mmHg Open Toe Anklet, it WORKS and FITs..

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