FlavorMaster Review

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What is FlavorMaster?

FlavorMaster is a multi-function 10-in-1 kitchen appliance that states to be a pressure cooker as well as a slow cooker. FlavorMaster claims to cook food automatically and 10 times faster with just the press of a button and it is very compact and saves a lot of countertop space. Flavormaster is a 10-in-1 electric pressure cooker, there are just too many functions stuffed in to one machine. There are not many Flavormaster reviews available at this point of time, we have done a thorough analysis of similar electric pressure cookers and have come up with a comprehensive review.


Flavormaster REVIEW

FlavorMaster Review

Before buying the Flavormaster electric pressure cooker we urge you to check these points.

  • The Flavormaster website does not mention the pressure range this is a very important piece of information that is missing. For the Flavormaster to function as a good pressure cooker it should have a pressure cooker it should be able to obtain 12 to 15 lbs of pressure.
  • The official Flavormaster website does not provide any information about the inner pot material. They just mention “ultra-durable PFOA free non-stick coating” which is not sufficient. This coating will peel off with regular use causing health hazards.
  • After analyzing several reviews of electric pressure cookers like the Flavormaster we conclude that Flavormaster is great for slow cooking but not that good for pressure cooking.
  • The manufacturer does not mention if the Flavormaster can be used for canning, we can presume that it cannot be used as a canner.
  • The performance of such electric cookers depend a lot on the MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) so you need to check your MASL before you use it for canning.
  • The inner pot of the Flavormaster could be cheaply made and difficult to clean, over a period of time it will loose its non-stick property and the food will begin to stick to the inner surface making it difficult to clean.
    Flavormaster can be good at stewing but not very good when it comes to roasting chicken.


How does FlavorMaster claim to work?

If you rely on your oven, pressure cooker or any other cooking apparatus, FlavorMaster assures that you will readily replace them all with this appliance in which form meets function. FlavorMaster proclaims to have a smart system that automatically adjusts pressure and temperature while cooking, which allows you to steam, sauté, roast, sear, slow-cook and pressure cook and a lot more. FlavorMaster asserts that you can do all this with just the push of a button.


A 10-in-1 multifunction appliance
Cooking cannot be something you need to hassle yourself with after a long day’s work. So you end up either ordering in or tossing something in the microwave. Not only are both these scenarios unhealthy but also expensive. But FlavorMaster is a multifunction kitchen appliance that gives you 10 functions with just the press of a button. FlavorMaster proclaims to have 10-in-1 smart steam infused technology convinces to let you make food 10 times faster and easily so that you can consume healthy meals without tiring at all. This technology of FlavorMaster maintains that as the base of the cooker heats up, its inner pot seals in the steam that encloses and penetrates the food absorbing the heat, moisture and flavor from all sides of the pot. This states to make the food cooked in FlavorMaster succulent and flavorful.


Flavor Master Questions and Answers

Q: What temperatures do the functions cook at? Most recipes state temps rather than ‘meat / poultry’ buttons so how do we know which button to press?
A: Flavormaster is set to functions rather than temperature, therefore it may be difficult following temperature recipe guides. It is advised to follow the recipe guide provided with the machine. The machine has been put through rigorous testing to perfect these recipes.

Q: Can I interrupt my FlavorMaster during slow cooking?
A: If you wish to stop cooking please make sure to stop the machine and do not open until it has cooled and all internal pressure has been released. If the lid is difficult to open, this indicates that the cooker is still pressurized. Do not force it open if the Floating Valve has not sunk as any pressure in the Flavormaster can be hazardous.

Q: Can you make chips and a roast?
A: You can roast meat in this machine however it is not a deep fat fryer therefore its not really suitable for making chips.

Q: My steam vent is quite wobbly. Is that normal?
A: That’s normal, just make sure it’s turned to the correct Seal position and it will work.

Q: When I use my pressure cooker the timer doesn’t change, Is that normal?
A: The timer should count down as the food is cooking.

8 Comments on "FlavorMaster Review"

  1. We have found this product very good baked a cake made Bolognase chicken nibbles a great machine. Having a bit of a problem with pressure valve

  2. I have been using Flavormaster for pressure cooking and I find it fantastic. was just telling a friend that it’s probably the first thing I have brought from an infomercial that actually does what they say on the telly……nearly as usual they exaggerate a few things like when they say cooked in 6min that is 6min from when it reaches pressure not from when you press start.
    sear mode quick and great for browning before putting on slow cook so no need to brown in another dish

  3. I tried to Google a cook book and instruction manual for the Flavor Master also Sonja but had no success. Were you able to find the instructions etc. Cheers Deanne

  4. I got my cooker on 5/2/16 have had nothing good to say about it.Steam will not seal comes out of the release valve constantly leaving no fluid in the pot ruining the food.I complained and they sent me a new lid but still the same problem.In all cases I followed the books to the letter.I have wasted quite a lot of food trying to give it a fair go. As far as I am concerned Danoz can have their flavormaster back sick of trying and wasting good food.

  5. How do I get a cook book for the flavor master pressure cooker? it was given to me for a Xmas gift but know book or instruction came with it. Do you think that they forgot to put the paper work in the box? I think it was purchased at Evine.

    • GOOGLE it and print it for yourself.

      • I trying to cook a chicken and when it tells me to set it for 35 minutes with the + button it will only let me set it for 25 minutes . Help me please

        • leanne Fry | May 7, 2017 at 8:57 am | Reply

          Probably faulty on that setting. Did that to me when trying shanks. I rangvthen and they replaced the whole thing without me even having to send back faulty one

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