Flat to Fizzy Review

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About Flat To Fizzy

Flat To Fizzy states to be a soda machine that can turn regular tap water into sparkling water so that you and your family can remain hydrated and healthy. It claims to let you control the amount of fizz you want in your refreshing drink. Flat To Fizzy also proclaims to have Soda Stream flavor concentrates that can turn sparkling water into flavored sparkling water with very less sugar and few calories. It asserts to have 100 different natural flavors of Soda Stream concentrate.



How does it work

With the Soda Stream kit Flat To Fizzy you can allegedly get sparkling water right at home at fraction of the price and fewer calories. Flat To Fizzy maintains that you just need to fill its carbonated bottle with cold water and screw it into the soda machine. You are guaranteed to get refreshing sparkling water in minutes by merely pumping the lever of Flat To Fizzy. Then add Soda Stream flavor concentrate to the sparkling water to make it flavored sparkling water.

Healthy sparkling water right in your kitchen

If your kids do not consume enough water and you would like to get them to increase the intake to keep them hydrated and healthy, then Flat To Fizzy promises that you have a healthy, refreshing and yummy way to do just that. Flat To Fizzy states to be a kit of soda machine and sparkling water flavors that can turn ordinary tap water into sparkling water and sparkling water into flavored drinks that no one in your family would turn down ever. Whether you have a party at home or just hanging out with your family for a movie night, Flat To Fizzy promises that you wouldn’t need to buy soda from the market and carry bottles home. Flat To Fizzy declares to let you get refreshing drink at home and even let you control the amount of fizz you want in your sparkling water with the CO2 canister that indicates the level of fizz in your soda.


Naturally flavored sparkling water

The Soda Stream flavor concentrates emphasize that they are not just yummy but also natural so they contain fewer calories and lesser sugar than flavored water in stores. Flat To Fizzy assures that there 100 delicious flavor concentrates such as kiwi, natural cola, pear, mango, raspberry and so on to choose from. Flat To Fizzy alleges to be great for health as well as the environment. You do not have to keep buying sodas and sparkling water from store thereby minimizing the use of plastic bottles. Flat To Fizzy convinces that its carbonating bottles are BPA-free, safe, and reusable. Flat To Fizzy claims that you can consume sparkling water twice a day even then Soda Stream concentrate would last for a week. Flat To Fizzy declares that its skin is removable and comes in exciting colors and designs to suit your taste and even sports team designs.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Sodastream in choice of White or Black for $89.97 + $14.99 S&H.
  • You also receive a Flat to Fizzy Kit (An $80 Value!) including 2 Free Variety 12 Packs and 2 BPA-Free reusable carbonating bottles
  • Official website: flattofizzy.com
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