Flat Bright Review

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What is Flat Bright

It claims to be a powerful lamp that can be taken along anywhere you need light. Its pivoting head and three levels of brightness proclaim to give you the right amount of light anywhere you want.

Let there be bright light

Flat Bright is an LED lamp that promises that getting bright light is easier than you thought. Flat Bright convinces to give you super illumination instantly whenever and wherever you want. Flat Bright asserts to eliminate the need for high-powered and energy-consuming lights with this simple solution. You switch on the lights or lamps when you need light but sometimes it’s not enough. You cannot change lights for that moment but you are assured to get a solution in Flat Bright for the times you need a little more light than there already is. Flat Bright guarantees that it will make any space super bright instantly with its alleged 24 bright LED lights. With Flat Bright you can allegedly light up any space you need – your study or work desk, bedside table if you want to read before sleeping, or even the library and office.

The light goes with you

It’s impossible to carry lamps with you but Flat Bright claims that you can take it wherever you like to give you light even brighter than an electric lamp. Assuring to be extremely lightweight, Flat Bright can be carried in the basement, garage, under the staircase or anywhere. Flat Bright maintains that it’s an ideal backup for you during power outages. Flat Bright claims to be better than flashlights that are not powerful enough. With Flat Bright you won’t miss any work because it convinces to give enough bright light to you even when there’s power failure. So your kids can even study for their exams and school night with Flat Bright even if there is an outage. Or if you have work in the garage and the place is dimly lit, instead of getting extra light bulbs, you are assured to get help from Flat Bright.

Pivoting head to light any place

Traditional lamps are restricted in providing lights to nooks and crannies of the house. But Flat Bright states to be compact so it can give light in any corner. What’s more, Flat Bright declares that it has a pivoting head so you can turn it around to get perfect super bright light wherever you need. Flat Bright maintains that it can extend up to 10.75” in height. Flat Bright assures to be very long lasting and outlive traditional light bulbs. The LEDs of Flat Bright are proclaimed to last for 100,000 hours without fading. Flat Bright convinces that it lets you control how much light you want. Flat Bright has 3 levels to choose from. Whether you want 30%, 50% or complete 100% light, Flat Bright promises to give you the right amount of light. Flat Bright assures to fold down completely for easy storage. You can allegedly carry Flat Bright on your travels or camps.

What do I get?

You will receive two Flat Bright Light for just $14.95 + $12.9 P&H.Official website getflatbright.com

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  1. Gloria Kirkus | July 14, 2015 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    I did NOT order the Bit 360 because I need ONLY 1 for a birthday present. I am on a fixed income, am 74 yrs. Young and female I do NOT need 2.

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