Flame in a Can Review

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What is Flame in a Can

It proclaims to be a mosquito repellent with natural citronella oil that can be burned without fire hazards, dirty soot, or smell.


How does Flame in a Can work?

A cleaner and safer way to drive mosquitoes away
Flame in a Can is a mosquito repellent that promises to drive mosquitoes away when one is camping or barbequing outdoors. Traditional mosquito repellent methods like candles and burners are ineffective and have problems like they blow out in the wind or leave smelly black soot behind. Flame in a Can states to use real citronella oil that is evenly distributed by its flames to give you great protection from mosquitoes. Candles and burners are hazardous since they use inflammable fuel, but Flame in a Can claims to be a safer because the can is sealed well and the fuel is non-flammable when outside the can, so one doesn’t have to worry about flash fires even if the fuel spills accidentally.


Windproof, doesn’t need refilling or re-wicking
The bright and bold flame that is generated by Flame in a Can is alleged to be windproof so you can keep the mosquitoes away and enjoy the ambience of a candle without having to relight it again and again. Unlike regular burners, Flame in a Can also assures that you do not have to refill the can or dirty your hands by fiddling with dirty wicks. Flame in a Can also guarantees that there is no mess like melted wax residue, smoke or foul smell.


What do I get?

Get 6 Flame in a Cans for just $49.95 + $9.95 P&H (AUD). Official website: FlameInACan.com.au | GlobalShop.com.au

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