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About Fish Wonder

Fish Wonder claims to be an innovative fish tank that cleans itself and keeps the water clean and mess free for your pet fish. Fish Wonder asserts to work based on the effect of gravity and it assures to keep water fresh and clean. The fish tank proclaims to be fast and easy to install as well as clean and keeps the fish safe and healthy at all times. Fish Wonder assures to come with LED light to give underwater ambiance at night too.

How does Fish Wonder work?

Cleaning the fish tank no longer has to be an arduous and time consuming chore and your fish doesn’t have to be out of its environment when you clean the tank as the creators of Fish Wonder promise. Fish Wonder maintains to employ the effect of physics and gravity to clean itself. You allegedly just need to add fresh water to the fish tank to make it fresh and clean again. Fish Wonder emphasizes that when you pour the clean water into the tank it goes to the bottom to push the debris and dirty water out of the cleaning spout.

Self cleaning fish tank – If you have a fish tank at home then you know all the hassle it takes to maintain it. If the water gets dirty, you cannot see the fish and that can be such a bummer for kids. And cleaning the fish tank takes hours and a lot of work, not to mention discomfort to the pet. But now the new desktop aquarium Fish Wonder guarantees that you can forget about all these hassles. Fish Wonder convinces to be a self cleaning tank that is mess free and easy to maintain all the time. Fish Wonder declares that unlike traditional tanks it just needs pouring of fresh water to clean it. When you pour water, dirty water is pushed out from the bottom of the Fish Wonder through its cleaning spout and you can collect it in a cup. This water can be used to fertilize plants.

Doesn’t need disturbing the pet fish – Fish Wonder states that it doesn’t need any batteries, filter, or electricity to change the water. Your pet fish will also stay comfortable at all times since you do not have to use a net to take it out, which can be very disconcerting for them. Fish Wonder claims to come with LED light that gives you an underwater ambiance even at night. It proclaims to keep the tank water fresh and clean. Fish Wonder promises to be so easy to set up and clean that practically anyone can maintain it without disturbing the fish. What’s more, Fish Wonder asserts that you do not have to touch the gravel or the decoration inside the tank while cleaning it. The fish tank convinces to be kid friendly and the glass is really strong so it is very durable. Whether your kids, elders, or even your friends everyone will find Fish Wonder delightful as the fish tank asserts.

What do I get?

  • Fish Wonder Fish tank
  • Grommet ring
  • Lid
  • LED
  • Tube
  • Curved tubes
  • Rubber tip
  • Grill
  • Stones
  • Artificial plants

Price: £29.99 + S/h. Official website:

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