Fast-X-Tract Review

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About Fast-X-Tract

Fast-X-Tract promises to be a solution to remove every worn out, old and stripped screws and bolts with extreme ease.Everyone faces such a situation as screws and bolts are not meant to stay golden for the entire duration of its usage due to many factors. Removing such screws has always been very difficult and can even lead to damage around it in attempt to take it out. Fast-X-Tract states to be so uniquely built and designed that it will take only a few seconds to do the impossible task.



How does it work

Fast-X-Tract claims to be extremely easy to use and helpful in literally extracting screws and bolts without damaging the surface. One has to simply insert Fast-X-Tract in a drill and lock it to begin the process. It locks onto the screw with a better grip than regular screw drivers regardless of the amount of damage on the screw strip or threads. Fast-X-Tract alleges that once the drill is switched on after placing it in the right place, it takes only few seconds to remove the screw in a systematic manner.


Groundbreaking design

Fast-X-Tract asserts to be designed with a great study of screws and bolts that can get damaged over the years. It also happens so that these screw threads are sunk very deep and corroded making it difficult to extract. In such situations it is difficult to get a firm grip over the screw heads and bolts to turn them and remove. Fast-X-Tract promises that it does not face such a problem due to its unique design. Firstly, Fast-X-Tract declares that the bit end is nothing like seen before and has threads and turns which can grip and hold onto any damaged screws firmly. This ensures that Fast-X-Tract is not just rotating over the head but actually is also extracting it. Fast-X-Tract assures that there is no screw or bolt that it will leave behind. To make sure of it, Fast-X-Tract comes in a pack of 5 bits which are shaped with designs and size that will suit all types of bolts and screws available in the market today.

Benefits and features

Fast-X-Tract declares to be the best solution for all types of bolts and heads because the bits provided in the pack are universal, this means they can fit any drill that is available. So with the simple turn of any type of drill, be it cordless, corded or hand-powered drill,Fast-X-Tract claims to remove stripped screws in mere seconds. When it comes to durability, Fast-X-Tract guarantees to last for a long time and be a companion in the toolbox for years to come. It comes with such a promise because it is made from hardened steel which is powerful and does not corrode easily. Also this steel is strengthened and forged to have a tensile feature makes it last longer. Fast-X-Tract emphasizes that it is comes inside its own organized compact storage box that fits perfectly inside a toolkit and will be easily accessible.


What do I get?

You get Fast-X-Tract for £19.99 plus £8.46 tax and shipping.Official website

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