Fan Hands

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What are Fan Hands?

As shown in the infomercial, Fan Hands claim to be the ultimate fan accessory, be it a sports game, live concert or festivals. They are hand gloves with hard plastic pieces that supposedly adhere to the palms and fingers to create a higher sound level thus letting you cheer for your respective team in the best possible way. We can’t say much in this respect as we haven’t come across any Fan Hands reviews. If you or anyone you know has used these Fan Hands, do let us know in your reviews.


How do Fan Hands work?

Once in a while we all love to attend a sports game or a concert. There’s a tremendous level of excitement and anticipation not just at the beginning of the show but throughout. What raises the level of enthusiasm is how united we stand in the cheering for our favourite artist, sportsperson or team. Because every decibel matters and the right colours can unite a crowd and boost morale.


Fan Hands promises to be the ultimate fan accessory making sure your cheer is heard above the rest. The makers of Fan Hands claim that its revolutionary design of hand gloves is made of hard plastic pieces that stay attached to the palms and fingers. It makes a sound so loud that your cheer can be heard all the way down from the tail gate to the stands. Fan Hands are available in the colours of Blue, Black, Red or Yellow and in sizes of S/M or L/XL. The high-tech moisture knitting fabric proves to be great indoors as well as the outdoors. Fan Hands convinces the users to get all their friends together for the big event and take the crowd roar to soaring levels. The only way we are going to be convinced is when we see Fan Hands reviews.


The sight of obnoxiously loud and bulky cowbells, cheer sticks and airhorns is quite common nowadays during a large event. After a certain point of time these can get really irritating and annoying. Fan Hands proclaims to score over this disadvantage by being pleasing to the eyes and ears alike. Plus they seem to easily fit into the pocket so that you can carry it anywhere, maybe even back to back events. And it’s not a one-use accessory. It can be used over and over again at different events. Fan Hands guarantees to help keep your team’s spirits high with the loudest cheer.


Your hands will never soar no matter how much you clap. That’s because Fan Hands maintains to be specially designed to enable fans to create a better sound level for support while gently clapping to enhance their sound. Fan Hands claims to create a superior home-court advantage by enhancing the team spirit to the max, whether it’s a game night or a favourite charitable event. So do you really think that Fan Hands are the ultimate Fan accessory? We simply can’t make up our mind, at least not till we have read some genuine Fan Hands reviews.


What do I get?

Get Fan Hands in color Blue, Black, Red, or Yellow in size Youth, S/M, or L/XL for $9.95 + $4.95 P&H | Official website:

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