EZ Read Tire Cap REVIEWED | As Seen On TV Tire Pressure Monitoring Caps REVIEW

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What is EZ Read Tire Cap

As per the infomercial it is a patented tire cap that smartly checks the tire pressure and continuously monitors tire pressure for peace of mind. It asserts to have green and red color codes for enough and low pressure respectively. EZ Read Tire Cap guarantees to monitor tire pressure continuously that offers easy feedback and extends the life of tires.


EZ Read Tire Cap CLAIMS

Monitor tire pressure – EZ Read Tire Cap assures that it is easy to use and goes on an air valve to replace tedious pressure gauges. Instead EZ Read Tire Cap declares to simply replace the tire cap so that individuals do not have to worry about flats and blowouts. More shall be revealed once EZ Read Tire Cap is reviewed.

Smart color coding – The color coding mechanism of EZ Read Tire Cap maintains to offer a visual queue regarding the pressure. Green color means the tires are good to go and red means the pressure is too low. How well does this system work will be known once EZ Read Tire Cap is reviewed. EZ Read Tire Cap claims to fit all standard air valves to improve the traction and mileage of the tires. Is EZ Read Tire Cap really helpful? Send us your reviews.


EZ Read Tire Cap REVIEW

Tommy Vaughn, an EZ Read Tire Cap reviewer, reveals that this cap is only suitable for tires that have 33 PSI or above pressure level. His review further states that EZ Read Tire Cap projects outwards too much.

Another customer Teri Todd also complains in her review about EZ Read Tire Cap sticking out too much. She says that it doesn’t really work great either.

An EZ Read Tire Cap review by Audrey Garner states that it failed to switch the color when the pressure was at least 3 to 4 PSI less than the recommended measure.

According to Bob Morris’s review, EZ Read Tire Cap leaks once they are put on the tires. He had two flat tires the next day of use.

One customer, Ricardo Bell, discloses in his review that EZ Read Tire Cap failed to read the pressure completely. In his review he mentions that EZ Read Tire Cap didn’t change the color even after a considerable drop of 5 PSI and a visible low pressure.

Lora Gonzales doesn’t recommend EZ Read Tire Cap in her review saying it fails to show minor air difference. Changing color only when there is a visible low air pressure makes its use pointless.

A review of EZ Read Tire Cap by Agnes Morgan warns people about its inconsistent performance. She also suspects that it might be leaking off the tire and making them go flat. As per her review, EZ Read Tire Cap is not trustworthy and safe to use for tires.

One other customer, Adrian Allison’s review exposes EZ Read Tire Cap that it leaks the air out of the tire. His
review further says that EZ Read Tire Cap also fails to monitor slight PSI shifts in the value and rather requires continuous monitoring for leakages itself.

Mack Wilkerson’s EZ Read Tire Cap review states that it will only show PSI change if it is higher than 10 and fails to display low pressure changes. He suggests in his review that EZ Read Tire Cap should not be used for heavy vehicles as it can’t stand the heat and will start leaking.


EZ Read Tire Cap Questions/Answers

Q. Can EZ Read Tire Cap be easily removed and stolen?
A. Yes.

Q. Is EZ Read Tire Cap suitable for use for bikes?
A. Yes.

Q. Will it work if set for 40 PSI?
A. There is no way to set PSI in EZ Read Tire Cap. It will stay green between 28 to 40 PSI and goes to yellow below it and red when the tire pressure is critical.

Q. What is the correct procedure to install EZ Read Tire Cap?
A. Inflate the tire to the correct pressure to begin. Install the new pressure cap tightly and look at the color for determination of low pressure.

Q. Can tire pressure be set on EZ Read Tire Cap or is it preset?
A. It comes with a preset range and putting it on can cause the tires to deflate.

Q. Should EZ Read Tire Cap be detached for air filling?
A. Yes, it acts similar to a tire mouth cap that should be removed while filling air and re-fixed later.


What do I get?
A set of 8 EZ Read Tire Pressure Monitoring Caps for just $19.99 + S/h at the official website EZReadTireCap.com

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