EZ Pedi

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What is EZ Pedi – An “As Seen On TV” pedicure set that consists of all the necessary tools required to achieve salon-like soft pedicured feet right at home.


Clear feet everyday

EZ Pedi claims that it is aimed at women who love to expose their feet in trendy sandals without the worry of revealing dead skin cells. Regular pedicure at a salon is quite an expensive affair and frequent visits cannot be arranged due to the fast paced nature of lives in today’s time. EZ Pedi is said to be different from home grooming tools that include foot creams and scrubbing stones that are used with no or little results. Plus the usage of EZ Pedi is said to be so convenient that one can have clear and comfortable silky feet almost each day without much effort.


EZ Pedi comes with an ensemble of tools including stainless steel shaving discs, buffing discs, shaving collector trays, buffing pads, carry pouch and cleaning brush making it the most complete kit that is ever required for a pedicure anytime and anywhere.


Pedicure like never before

EZ Pedi promises to be a game changer when it comes to pedicure tools for home use with its ultra fine micro-crystals that make the difference. These micro-crystals that are embedded upon EZ Pedi are so perfectly placed that they supposedly provide gentle removal of dead and hard calloused skin. Since every foot is different there are 2 speed settings available to control the amount of clearing is to be done. EZ Pedi is also said to be better since it isn’t bulky in nature and fits right inside a palm. Also the mess created by regular pedicure tools is promised to be cancelled out, thanks to the built-in shaving collector tray. Apart from the removal of dead skin, EZ Pedi claims to provide complete exfoliating and rejuvenating experience that is no less than any salon.


What do I get?

  • 2 EZ Pedis
  • 2 stainless steel shaving discs
  • 2 buffing discs
  • 2 shaving collector trays
  • 12 buffing pads
  • 2 carry pouches
  • 2 cleaning brushes

All this for just $19.95 + $15.90 P&H. Official website BuyEZPedi.com

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