Extra View Review

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What is Extra View?

Checking your mirror constantly while driving may not help you see everything. Here’s introducing an incredible new way to say goodbye to those dangerous blind spots and make driving easier and safer.
Introducing Extra View, an extra-large mirror designed to give you a complete panoramic 180 degree view. With Extra View the difference is crystal clear. Extra View makes driving safer and easier because it helps you see up to 300% more than your old mirror. Extra View makes merging, changing lanes, or backing up a breeze. Say goodbye to blind spots with Extra View.
You will absolutely love the comfort of driving with the Extra View mirror.


Makes driving safer and easier

With Extra View you can expand your visibility while driving. Extra View makes driving easier and safer than ever before. With Extra View, you can see the entire three lane highway without having to turn around. The panoramic 180 degree view gives you an amazingly crystal clear view making driving easier and safer.
So whether you are merging, changing lanes, or backing up, the Extra View will make it easier and more comfortable for you.
The secret of the Extra View mirror is the convex anti-glare chrome coated glass. Extra View helps you see up to 300% more than your old mirror making it safer and easier for you to drive.

Great for night driving

Extra View is great to use while driving at night too. Extra View reduces glare from high beams and LED lights from up to 50% making night driving easier, safer and more comfortable. There is no other mirror like the Extra View mirror.


Easy to install

Extra View can be easily attached to any mirror. Simply snap it on or off in just seconds.
Unlike regular mirrors that make it impossible to see everything Extra View gives you a crystal clear view helping you see up to 300% more than your regular mirror.
So stop using those old mirrors that don’t help you see those dangerous blind spot and get the Extra View mirror right away and never miss a blind spot ever again!
Order the Extra View mirror today and say goodbye to those dangerous blind spots while driving!


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Two Extra View for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website: getextraview.com
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