Euro Sealer REVIEW

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What is Euro Sealer?

Do you unnecessarily waste money by throwing away stale food? Buying in bulk simply makes food get rotten and stale. Now there is a new amazing way to save your money and save food. Here’s introducing the Euro Sealer, a device to reseal bags airtight to keep food fresher longer. Euro Sealer is magnetized for handy storage, and it comes with a built-in bag opener to slice through any bag neatly.

How does Euro Sealer work? – Euro Sealer uses Microthermal Technology that creates a seal that is airtight so even water won’t leak.

How to us Euro Sealer? – Simply place, press, and slide the Euro Sealer and it creates an airtight seal that locks in freshness.

Uses of Euro Sealer – You can use the Euro Sealer to keep cereal crunchy, chips crispy and fruits and veggies fresh. It is also great to make deli meat stay as fresh as the day it was sliced. It ensures bags are sealed airtight and watertight preventing freezer burn. Euro Sealer works on foil bags too. It is perfect for lawn and garden bags and great for pet food bags too. With Euro Sealer you can preserve expensive meat, fruit, veggies, and snacks and keep them fresh! So stop wasting money on zip storage bags and stop throwing out stale and rotten food. Seal your bags airtight with Euro Sealer and save your money and also keep all of your favourite food fresher longer. Order it today!

Euro Sealer Questions and Answers

Q. Will Euro Sealer work for sealing shrink wrapped shoe bags?
A. It may not because some air will get back into the bag as you use the sealer.

Q. Once a bag is sealed, how easy is it to reopen and then reseal if needed?
A. It depends on the type of bag. Regular potato chip bags open up fairly easily but others have to be cut open. It also depends on how low down you put the seal again. Euro Sealer does not work well on regular plastic bags, but does on wax paper.

Q. Does Euro Sealer work well with mylar bags?
A. It didn’t work at all.

Q. Do you have to take the batteries out after each use or is there an on off switch?
A. There is no switch.

Q. Has anyone tried Euro Sealer on shrink wrap?
A. Euro Sealer is made to melt plastic so it would be worth a try. It has not been tried on shrink wrap.

Q. Is there any heat required in the Euro Sealer?
A. Yes, they are battery-operated. The battery heats up a small wire just enough to melt and seal the plastic on a bag.

Euro Sealer Review

Jane Carlson mentions in her review“Euro Sealer is made very cheaply. Euro Sealer does seal bags but takes a few attempts. Going slowly over the whole top of the bag didn’t seal it and pressing a little harder some of it sealed. Pressing really hard with both hands broke the Euro Sealer in two. After putting the Euro Sealer back together it just doesn’t work.”

Michelle Jenkins complains in her Euro Sealer review“It is very cheaply made. It doesn’t come with any instructions and has no on or off switch.”

Heidi Horne reveals in her review“Euro Sealer is a very cheap, injection-molded plastic. Tested the Euro Sealer on one of the shrink wrap bags but because of the tiny, tiny sealing area (the little white pad on the base has a wire that heats up, which does the actual sealing), you cannot start at the edge, because there is no way for you to easily move the bag through the sealer. You have to start a little way in, so you can grab the edge and pull the sealer across. Euro Sealer did not heat the plastic enough to “trim” the excess as it went, and it creates a very weak seal. Euro Sealer is awkward to use, and not very convenient. Euro Sealer will not work well enough or reliably enough to do what you want.”

Adriana Murray states in her Euro Sealer review“The back of the Euro Sealer device has a magnet so you can keep it handy on the refrigerator but the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold it. It simply slides down the fridge.”

Niki Taylor is not so satisfied with her purchase. In her Euro Sealer review she mentions – “Euro Sealer is made of plastic. Euro Sealer requires two AA batteries which are not included. There are no instructions. Euro Sealer worked poorly on one bag and then stopped working. Tried Euro Sealer many times to get it to work but had no success. Euro Sealer is not a recommended product.”

Mike Beckford says in his review“Euro Sealer is not worth your time, energy, or money. Spend a little more and get one of better quality. Euro Sealer seals bags. I it is a heavier duty bag like chips bag it works well but if it is a plastic like bag, for say rice, it just shreds the bag and doesn’t actually seal.”

Grace Adams complains in her Euro Sealer review“Even with new double AA battery Euro Sealer sucks the power up and doesn’t even have the strength to seal. It took forever to get little to no heat. It is a waste of money.”

George Tompkins says in his review“Euro Sealer is a terrible product. 1) Euro Sealer is so itty bitty you can also do a tiny less than 1/2″ seal and if doing most packages, it takes over 5-7 minutes to seal (2) you have to eyeball where the next seal should be placed….any tiny space missed still means air gets out/in (3) you have to time it just right otherwise it burns a hole through the package. If you have tons of time and patience or at least you’re obsessive compulsive this is for you. Otherwise a clothes pin, a binder or chip clip is way faster and more efficient. If you seriously want to keep food fresh buy a big seal a meal sealer.”

Beverly Fillmore says in her review“Euro Sealer barely works. You have to apply just the right amount of pressure for it to work. That or you’ll just keep ripping the bag trying. Might as well just put whatever you were trying to seal up in Tupperware.”

Carla King says – “Euro Sealer did not seal even Mylar one bag after several attempts.”

Chanel Morton claims in her review“Euro Sealer takes 2 AA batteries, but that is not printed anywhere on the instructions. It is printed near the battery case. There are instructions but they don’t really help explain if the unit turns off. When the Euro Sealer is not in use, there is an orange bar to keep the wire protected. Otherwise, the Euro Sealer is always powered on.”

Martha Hobart complains“Euro Sealer seemed cheaply made overall. For example, the magnet embedded in the side of the sealer to keep it on the refrigerator is barely enough to keep it in place. If anything disturbs it, it will slide to the floor or just fall off. The lack of the power switch and the flimsy protector to cover the wire doesn’t really scream “quality” either.”

What do I get?
2 Euro sealer Units for $9.99 + $9.98 S/h at the official website

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