Emjoi Seal Epilator REVIEW

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About Emjoi Seal Epilator

Emjoi Seal Epilator claims to be a 2-in-1 smooth skin system with 2-tweezer head and a Micro-Pedi Callous Remover attachment to remove hair comfortably from the root and achieve smooth feet and heels.

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Emjoi Seal Epilator CLAIMS

The Glide Technology in Emjoi Seal Epilator alleges to move the 42 discs over the skin without irritating or cutting the skin. The Micro-Pedi attachment asserts to rotate 360 degrees for 30 times in a second for effective removal of dry, dead, and calloused skin.

Effective epilation – The wet and dry epilator Emjoi Seal Epilator guarantees to work in in shower and can remove hair as short as 0.3 mm from the root. The epilator declares to be safe and gentle for removing hair from legs, bikini line, underarms and delicate facial hair on the upper lip and chin. More shall be revealed once Emjoi Seal Epilator is reviewed.

Excellent design – The compact and cordless Emjoi Seal Epilator maintains to have dual speed control settings to suit different users. Although there are no Emjoi Seal Epilator reviews currently available to substantiate its claims. Use of Silver Ion Technology in the heads emphasizes to offer antimicrobial protection. Did you find Emjoi Seal Epilator useful? Send us your reviews.

Emjoi Seal Epilator Reviews

One Emjoi Seal Epilator reviewer, Antonia Gibbs, reveals that it failed to remove blond hairs and the epilation felt like using sandpaper against the body. As per her review, Emjoi Seal Epilator does get the coarse black hair but may leave a rough feeling on the skin.

Julie Rodriquez, an Emjoi Seal Epilator customer, states in her review that it’s a costly junk that failed to work after 3 months of use.

A similar problem related to Emjoi Seal Epilator is stated by Mae Owens. She says in her review that she would go for another wet and dry epilator that works in shower better over this one.

According to Rosemary Hunter’s Emjoi Seal Epilator review, it doesn’t work well even after using it over and over on the area. The top portion kept falling off that adds to the frustration of time taken by Emjoi Seal Epilator. She suggests in her review that fails to do what it promises and is not worth the money.

Patsy Wright complains in her Emjoi Seal Epilator review that the unit is not impressive and misses on short and fine hair. Although she mentions in her Emjoi Seal Epilator review that its cordless feature is decent but doesn’t save it from its sub-par performance.

Emjoi Seal Epilator Questions & Answers

Q. How long will Emjoi Seal Epilator take to charge? How long does a single charge last to understand how often it requires charging in between epilation cycles?
A. It takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes to fully charge. It might be able to offer epilation of the entire body on a single charge but chances are one may require a little addition charging in-between to finish. Although it depends on the amount of surface that is to be covered to understand how long a single charge lasts.

Q. Can Emjoi Seal Epilator be safely used in the shower for a quick, mess-free callus removal?
A. The callus removal only works when Emjoi Seal Epilator is used on dry skin.

Q. Does Emjoi Seal Epilator only work on a battery charge?
A. Yes, Emjoi Seal Epilator requires a charging cycle before use and cannot be used while it’s plugged in for charging.

Q. How does Emjoi Seal Epilator exactly work?
A. This epilator can remove shortest of hair from most part of the bodies without irritating or cutting due to the tweezer head design. The micro-pedi attachment helps in removing dead skin from feet, heel, and even elbows. The thick skin is gently exfoliated by Emjoi Seal Epilator to reveal a smooth, silky finish.

What do I get?
Get 1 Seal Wet/Dry Epilator + Micro-Pedi (2-in-1) for $99.00 + S/h at the Official website emjoi.com

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