Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 Review

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What is Emerson ActionCam HD 1080

It is claimed to be a high-quality full HD rugged camera that can be mounted on various objects easily for capturing moments during action sports and other adventures.


Record your journey

Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 guarantees to provide an altogether new way to begin record chronicles of life’s journey. So far recording action-packed events has been nearly impossible because regular cameras are difficult to take along everywhere especially during action adventure sports. But now Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 comes with a promise that it will be a new step in the direction of recording and sharing every aspect of a journey. Also it is stated that Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 comes with features that are much better than other cameras that claim to suffice similar purpose.


Incredible features

Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 declares to be a feature-packed cam that can help in recording adventures in a great and easy way. The core idea behind creating Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 is claimed to provide a way to capture first person viewpoint during sky diving, extreme cycling, automotive racing, daily sports and much more. Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 is declared to come equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that provides stunning clarity in full 1080 hi-definition video and an integrated microphone to record clear sound. The added benefit that is allegedly present in Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 as opposed to other cameras is the integrated 3” color display which lets the user to check what exactly is being recorded on the camera and help line up an excellent shot. The rugged built of Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 is asserted to be helpful for sports mounting and has a waterproof case that can help use it under water recording too. Additional helmet and bike mount is great for regular adventure sports and can be recorded over a SD memory card for up to 32 GB of capacity.


What do I get?

You get Emerson ActionCam HD 1080 for $99.99.Official website shopatshowcasecanada.com

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