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About Eggliptical

Eggliptical convinces to be a compact elliptical equipment that gives a slimmer and toned body in a few minutes every day right at home.



How does it work

Get on the Eggliptical and glide to get a full body and low-impact exercise that maintains to target legs and the core by pedaling forward and backward.


Compact elliptical machine
Eggliptical promises to help avoid expensive gym membership and bulky home exercise equipments by combining cardio and muscle toning exercises to trim and shape the body. It assures that you can use it while standing and engaging your core, add hand weights to tone arms, or even while sitting down to read, watch TV or even work. Let’s analyze Eggliptical user reviews of these claims.


Fun and easy on the joints
Unlike treadmills that harm the knees, Eggliptical asserts to be low-impact, fun, and easy on the joints. It proclaims to enhance mobility and is perfect for users of all ages. These sound like tall claims; let’s read Eggliptical reviews to know more. Eggliptical states to come with a calorie counter, adjustable tension dial, comfort pedals and quiet operation. It emphasizes to be durable yet compact enough to be stowed away in a closet. We’d like to hear your take on Eggliptical.


Eggliptical Reviews

Eggliptical review warns that it makes one fall while trying to use it standing up. The motion is very rough and not fluid at all. There is also no resistance in the elliptical. Putting Eggliptical together was a long wait and now it cannot be returned.

Eggliptical review says it’s too loud, squeaks and creaks as soon as you start pedaling.

Eggliptical review criticizes it for having absolutely no length of stride. It works all right for seated pedaling, but is clunky and awkward to stand and use as an elliptical machine.

Eggliptical review reveals that it is uncomfortable and awkward to use, especially on the legs. The pedals seem to be made with someone standing in mind and not sitting.

Eggliptical review states that its pedals are not correctly angled to provide proper foot alignment, causing strain on the legs. Pedals need more sloping.

Eggliptical review points out that no thanks to the absence of handles or any other stabilizing mechanism, one needs to work hard toward staying balanced and erect while pedaling on the machine.

Eggliptical review doubts that it’s a good workout.

Eggliptical review states that it fits well under the desk at work. Even though it’s not a great workout, it’s better than sitting sedentary all day. The calorie counter is inaccurate and the elliptical increases resistance on its own. The pedals often jam up. For its quality, Eggliptical is overpriced.

Eggliptical review reveals that its stride is very short and to someone 5’9″ tall, it especially makes a difference. It feels more like a stair stepper than elliptical.

Eggliptical review criticizes it for its short stride, being jerky and for making the knees absorb impact while standing. After just 10 minutes of using Eggliptical, there was a noticeable wobble and part of the bottom plate came apart, hence, it’s not recommended. The machine may only work while sitting or for light-duty rehabilitation work.

Eggliptical review discloses that it wobbles and is unsteady.

Eggliptical review rues that it causes knee pain. The machine moves a lot, so one may need to buy a rug to secure it in place. Because it’s wobbly, one needs core strength to avoid falling down. In any case, the range of motion is very limited for the glutes to protect knees.

Eggliptical review calls it heavy, cheaply-constructed and difficult to use. Eggliptical is noisy, doesn’t fit under the work desk, and didn’t bring any change in the body after using for a week every day. The elliptical was disappointing and it would be easier to join a gym instead.

Eggliptical review discloses that it is difficult to use and ineffective. Because of short strides, sitting down and working is better. The small rise of the pedals makes it unsatisfying and uncomfortable to work out.

Eggliptical review exposes it for being unstable and extremely hard to keep balance on. Even if you do strike a balance, it takes a lot of effort to pedal. Eggliptical is not recommended for use at all.

Eggliptical Questions &Answers

Can Eggliptical support 290 lbs of weight?
There’s no weight limit mentioned on the packaging but it should comfortably support 220lbs.

Is Eggliptical usable on carpet?
Yes, but it won’t be very comfortable.

Can resistance bands be attached to Eggliptical?
No, Eggliptical is only for pedaling bike.

Does Eggliptical help one lose weight if they have a desk job?
The machine will provide some cardio exercise and tone the front muscles of legs but to lose weight you must do enough cardio, squats, and push-ups and eat healthy.

What is Eggliptical’s warranty?
There is no warranty whatsoever.

Does Eggliptical make squeaky noise?
Yes, it does.

How much does Eggliptical weigh?
Not sure about the weight but it’s quite heavy for an old person to move around.

Does Eggliptical make a difference to the glutes?
The machine exercises your glutes, but feeling the difference depends on duration and intensity of the workout. While Eggliptical cannot completely replace an exercise bike or elliptical machine, it does help those who are chained to the desk for long spans of time.

Is Eggliptical usable sitting down on a yoga ball?
It would be very tough.

Is the stride of Eggliptical as long as a running stride?
The stride of the pedal is no more than 6 inches long, which means the step length is just about 12 inches. While walking, the average stride length is 30 inches. So, working out on Eggliptical is more like taking small steps rather than running or even walking.

Can Eggliptical be used in a car?
It doesn’t seem likely to be usable in the back seat.

How can the distance and number of strides each day be reset?
Keep the button by the counter pressed for about five seconds. It will show all 8s and return to zero.


What do I get?
Get Eggliptical and Sweat Belt just for only 3 payments of 33.

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