Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth Review

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What is Easy Reach Loofa Cloth?

The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth claims to be the only all in one body wash cloth that does it all. With its soft terry cloth that gives you the perfect lather to pamper your skin along with the easy grip handle makes shower time your favourite time.


How does the Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth work?

The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth claims to have a premium dual side material – one side terry cloth and the other side mesh loofa. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth seems to be the perfect bathroom companion for those long relaxing showers. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth claims to have the ability to deep clean and exfoliate your skin to make it soft and supple. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth is made of skin friendly material that keeps your skin soft and gentle.

You can now use the Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth along with your favourite soap or body wash to create that rich, luxurious lather. Yes, you can now enjoy those salon like experiences except the difference would be that you’d be doing that within the comfort of your own bathroom without having to spend a big chunk of your money. With the soft terrycloth side of the Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth, it helps you gently exfoliate your skin. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth claims that it has a number of satisfied customers who have given great reviews on the website itself. While there are no other reviews yet about the product, one would suggest you to judge its quality only after trying it out first hand. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth has two easy grip handles that let you safely and easily wash your feet and back. Tired of all those days where you struggled to give yourself a good back scrub or just manage to lather the soap on your back where your hands just don’t seem to reach? Not to worry because that’s exactly the kind of problem Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth claims to solve. You no longer have to bend, and try those acrobatic moves to soap up those hard to reach areas. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth gets rid of that with the help of its two easy reach handles. The Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth also adds to the convenience of its user by being machine washable and easy to hang dry right in the shower. This feature of the Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth makes it extremely easy and handy to use and clean as often as you’d like.

So go right ahead and order the Easy-Reach Loofa Cloth to test it yourself and see how smooth your skin feels and how convenient it is to give yourself a good back or foot scrub with the help of the easy handles. With no reviews yet, you can either wait it out for a customer’s review or try it yourself and post a review for the benefit of other potential customers.


What do I get?

  • 2 Easy-Reach Loofa Cloths
  • 1 Easy-Reach Lotion Wand

Price: $9.99 + $13.98 S/h. | Official website: EasyReachLoofa.com

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