Easy Einstein Balloons

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What is Easy Einstein Balloons?

Fun and amazing the Easy Einstein Balloons claims to be water balloons with anti-leak technology. It asserts to be easy to use one just has to attach the balloon and turn on the water. Normal water balloons take hours filling, twisting, and tying balloons which quite a task in comparison with it proclaims Easy Einstein Balloons. This claim of the Easy Einstein Balloons will be attested only once users review Easy Einstein Balloons.



Easy Einstein Balloons alleges to come with a smart valve. The smart valve promises to seal once the balloons are filled to the perfect size and emphasizes to keep the water inside with its leak proof nature. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Easy Einstein Balloons is reviewed.

The secret ingredient that Easy Einstein Balloons states to make it efficient and effective is the fantastic anti-leak system. It declares to be ready in a matter of seconds that guarantees it to be quick in use. It maintains to be instant fun, super easy and fun for all and convinces to be a smart way to go about having home entertainment. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Easy Einstein Balloons reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
A 4 pack of Easy Einstein Balloons (100 balloons) costs $10.00 + $4.99 shipping
Official Website:einsteinballoons.com

4 Comments on "Easy Einstein Balloons"

  1. 40 out of 100 stayed filled. What a disappointment.

  2. Christi Austin | July 5, 2017 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER!!!!! 93 balloons leaked out of 100 balloons. DO NOT BUT THIS ITEM!!!!!!

  3. These are the worst water balloons I have ever bought! Every pack leaked. And every frickin balloon leaked!!!! Never again!

    • JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!! Be prepared to use them the second they come off the fill tube because they leak down to nothing very very fast, extremely false advertising when they say anti-leak! You would think for the amount you pay for them they would not leak one bit. Funniest thing is you cannot contact “Easy(my ass) Einstein Balloons”, at least I couldn’t find a website for them.

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