Easy Climber REVIEW

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About Easy Climber

We all know how difficult it is to carry heavy loads up the stairs. Our arms, shoulders and back feel the pain. But now there is a simple and easy way to carry your load up the stairs with ease. Here’s introducing the amazing, new and compact Easy Climber, a carrying cart that makes carrying objects and climbing stairs a breeze. With the Easy Climber moving objects has never been easier!



How does Easy Climber work? – Easy Climber is designed with 3 rotating wheels on each side. The first set of wheels carry the load, the second set of wheels grab the step and lift and the third set of wheels rotates to the top, continuously carrying and climbing.

Unlike two wheel carts where you have to lug the cart off the ground before you climb, the Easy Climber automatically rotates so as you climb it climbs. Easy Climber carries the heavy load up the stairs with ease so you don’t have to.


Easy Climber claims to be Versatile – Easy Climber is an all terrain cart so is easy to use even on uneven surfaces. You can also use it in steep inclines because it always has four wheels on the ground for improved balance and easy stability.

The durable design and 4 wheels on the ground make moving heavy loads faster and easier than ever before.

Easy Climber can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is great to use at home, in the yard, in the garage, in the office or when on vacation.


Easy to store – Easy Climber is compact and folds easily for storage in seconds so you can carry it with you when you travel.

Order the Easy Climber today and never struggle with heavy loads ever again!


What do I get?

  • 1 Easy Climber
  • 1 Custom Carrier

Price: $39.95 plus $19.95 processing and handling at the official website: EasyClimberCart.com

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