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What is DreamTents

As per the TV infomercial it is a range of fun pop-up tents that offer a fascinating world to kids during their bedtime. They are easy to assemble and folds for storage when not in use.

Let your children dream

DreamTents proclaims to offer a world full of adventures during bedtime for your kids. DreamTents states to be a pop-up tent that goes over their bed with extreme ease to offer them their own private world at night. With various designs, DreamTents alleges to offer unlimited bedtime fun for kids. At this point of time there are no DreamTents reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Flexible design
DreamTents declares to have a pop-open design that helps in setting up easily. It can be fastened to a bed in seconds and can fold easily for storage purposes. DreamTents asserts to have a personal reading light attached so that children can read bedtime stories in their own private reading nook. Currently there are no DreamTents reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

Numerous design options
DreamTents convinces to be perfect for all kids since it comes in range of designs that will stimulate their imagination. It claims to be available in Space Adventure, Winter Wonderland, Fairytale Forest, Undersea World, Magical Princess, Sports World, Dinosaur Island and Unicorn Fantasy designs. DreamTents assures that it will help promote restful sleep and alleviate the fear of darkness in kids. Did your kid find DreamTents as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
you’ll get DreamTents for just $39.95 plus $7.95 P&H.
Official Website:mydreamtents.com

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