Door Crown Review

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About Door Crown

Door Crown claims to be a makeshift awning that gives you instant shelter at the doorway no matter what the weather it is. It promises to be easy to install and will keep you and your groceries or bags safe and dry in rain or snow. Door Crown declares to be made of durable material to withstand harsh weathers and is has a clear design to let natural sunlight shine through. The awning maintains to go well with any décor or type of house whether brick, vinyl siding, or stucco construction.


How does it work

It is easy to get protection from the weather with Door Crown as its manufacturers allege. Door Crown guarantees to be easy to install and you just need to attach it above any doorway using the fasteners available and the instruction guide. It proclaims to be so easy that you can do it yourself without the need to call a professional. Door Crown assures to be constructed with fully weather-proof and advanced material that is durable enough to last a lifetime and strong enough o take two feet of snow. The clear design of the awning emphasizes to let sunlight shine through.


Instant awning to keep your doorway safe and dry

You hunt for your keys in your bag and it is raining. You are soaked along with your bag, groceries, or other stuff that you are carrying. That was such a common occurrence till now. You can now protect, upgrade and beautify your doorway with Door Crown if its claims are to be believed. By simply attaching the contraption above any doorway it is alleged that you will have an instant awning to keep you dry and safe during rains or even snowfall. Door Crown asserts that you no longer have to fumble with an umbrella to look for the keys or even soak in the rain with the awning. Door Crown emphasizes to be made of fully weather proof advanced materials that will last a lifetime and can withstand the harshest of weather. In spite of being so durable, Door Crown maintains to be so lightweight that it can be lifted by a child. At the same time, Door Crown guarantees to be so strong that it can hold up to two feet of snow.

Ideal for any décor and type of house

Whether you have a brick home, stucco construction, or vinyl siding, Door Crown proclaims to give with all kinds of houses. It asserts to go with any décor and accentuates your doorway. Door Crown states alleges that you can dry your pet right outside the house so that the mess is not brought inside. Door Crown also promises to keep your deliveries safe and groceries dry if left outside by the delivery boy. Door Crown convinces that it doesn’t mean your doorway will be dark. Door Crown states to have a clear and see-through design that lets sunlight shine right through in spite of giving you protection from rain or snow.


What do I get?

You can get your Door Crown and motion activated, wireless Light Angel for just $39.99 plus $27.98 S&H.Official website

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