DashMaps REVIEW | As Seen On TV Head-up Display GPS Navigation

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DashMaps Head-up Display GPS Navigation REVIEWS

Dale Stone writes in his DashMaps review- “It technically works as described but is not practical as the orientation of the screen is horizontal as opposed to vertical (the direction of travel), also the projected screen size is too small to be read realistically. Finally if you want voice directions, you must pay an additional fee to upgrade the software to premium”.




Edward Nunez says in his review of DashMaps- “The platform on which the phone has to be attached doesn’t have the best grip. And without Bluetooth – you are domed, so if you are getting an incoming call you have to push a button to switch from call to GPS and vice versa”.

Gloria Silvia complains in her DashMaps review that the reflection doesn’t show on a 45 degree angle. It has to be a 30 to 35 angle in order to see it.

Bessie Smith claims in her DashMaps review that it’s hard to see the screen with sun glasses on.

Jacob Brooks is happy with the HUD display and says in his DashMaps review- “It’s great, but you cannot see the whole map of the area, only the street you are on and turns as you come up on them”.

Otis Carpenter is disappointed with DashMaps and says in his review- “Very low quality and overpriced. Applications are disappointing and lack the data and sophistication available with Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze”.

Susie Richards states in her DashMaps review- “Reflects on the windshield as well as on itself at night, creating a double vision. It is hard to see through this screen to the road beyond.

Jesus Reid says in his DashMaps review- “Its display is adjustable for your needs, but in reality for the reflection to show up it has to be at a certain angle. Furthermore, you can only use it with their GPS app which is so stripped down. In their app you have to pay extra for voice navigation, you don’t have features like “avoid tolls” as other maps do, and the mileage it says to get to a place is always at least several miles too short”.

Rob Huff claims in his review of DashMaps – “The display is so small there is no way to see it clearly while on the dashboard”.



DashMaps Questions and Answers

Q. Does DashMaps work with Google maps?
A. No, because Google maps has no HUD mode.

Q. Can DashMaps fit a cell phone screen over 6 inches?
A. No.

Q. Does DashMaps work with Apple iOS 11 maps?
A. No. It works with maps which has HUD mode, like Sygic, HUDMAP, Navmii USA, etc.

Q. Can DashMaps be used with waze?
A. DashMaps cannot be used with waze. Only navigation app with HUD mode can use this device, and suggested app is HUDMAP, sygic and navmii.

Q. Would DashMaps work with a tablet?
A. No.

Q. Can you still make or receive phone calls when using this device?
A. Yes, the HUD has nothing to do with your vehicle’s phone or Bluetooth capabilities.

Q. Are the light colors changeable?
A. No.

Q. Why is the map displayed backwards on the HUD?
A. The image must be backwards on the device that way the HUD reflection is the correct way.

Q. Why is the display backwards?
A. Yes, it is a reflection device, so everything on your phone will be reflected and appear backward. You will need to switch into HUD mode on the app you want to use. Then, everything on your phone will appear backward, but when placed under the reflector of the Huddy, it will be “right” and readable in the reflection. If the app you want to use does not have a HUD feature, you cannot use this device with it.

Q. Will DashMaps work on my 1999 jeep grand cherokee?
A. Not sure, some of these only work with vehicles listed as obd2.

Q. Does DashMaps work with the Galaxy Note 4?
A. DashMaps works with any phone that you can set the display to landscape on. The “screen” reflects the image and allows you to see through the image at the same time, so that you can concentrate on your driving while taking in the additional information reflected on the screen.

Q. What navigation apps work with DashMaps?
A. This simply reflects your phone screen. Anything that is on your phone screen will be reflected. It will technically work with any navigation app, but you will want one that allows for the data being projected to be projected reversed.


What do I get?
2 DashMaps for $19.99 + $9.98 S/h at the official website: BuyDashMaps.com

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