D. Wade’s Get It Hoops Review

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What is D. Wade’s Get It Hoops?

It is a game that works with different types of Smartphone and mobile devices to turn any room into a basketball court. D. Wade’s Get It Hoops claims that now your kids can not only have a fun time in your homes but boost their basketball skills as well. Many young ones in the country are fans of the game and want to emulate their favourite NBA stars. But that’s not possible for all of them because you don’t have the space to set up the hoops in and around your homes. Dwayne Wade is a MVP and one of the popular stars of NBA. This novel game comes with his name attached to it and allows your kids to hit the basket in any room of the house. Does it seem like a tall claim to you? Why don’t you share your experience in your D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews?



D Wade Get It Hoop Review

Eugene Bacon reveals in his review“D Wade Get It Hoop is easy to set up, super-cool looking, and can be a lot of fun. But you need to know what 6’8″ means and how it relates to playing with the D Wade Get It Hoop.”

Oscar Adams mentions in his review“Most doors, indoor and out, on a typical residential home are 6’8″ high. Unless you have a posh house and have 8’0″ doors. So the top of the D Wade Get It Hoop hangs at that height. Most residential ceilings are 8’0″. This means that there is only a small space of about 2’0″ or less, from the hoop to the ceiling so your kid is going to be hitting the ceiling, a lot. It’s really pretty high for kids. The product page of D Wade Get It Hoop shows children playing in rooms with sloped ceilings (so higher than average homes). The one with the man in the office is pretty accurate as to how it will look. So if you have a younger kid or a rough one you have to take care because even though the ball is not made of concrete, there is going to be noise and wear and tear on your ceiling and the walls around it from rebounds and misses.”

Benny Anderson reveals the fact that – “D Wade Get It Hoop fits only a certain thickness of door, otherwise it stays loose.”

Donald Brady states in his D Wade Get It Hoop review“It is weak, the hinge where the rim bends is too flexible, the backboard is weak, and the rim is lighter and thinner. Do not recommend the D Wade Get It Hoop.”

Daniel Evans reveals in his review“D Wade Get It Hoop comes with missing information: no information about material used, no information about rim diameter and what basketball does it take, no information about backboard material, no information about dimensions and no information about how to install.”


D Wade Get It Hoop Claims

Easy to set up and share – This game promises to offer your kids access to their favourite sport wherever they might be. What’s more, it is very simple to get started with once you have set up the hoops by hanging them over the door or sticking them to the wall. The next step is setting up your Smartphone device. Once you have done that you can call it, ball it and record it. Not only can you thus improve your shooting skills but share them with your friends instantly too. We would like to verify these claims and look forward to getting our hands on D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews. The game is quite versatile and works with different types of devices from tablets to Smartphones; as you shoot and score the hoop communicates directly with the app. Sadly there aren’t enough D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews yet for us to corroborate this claim.

You will also be pleased to find that it works without any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. In fact, your kids can make the most out of the game and have fun even without the app. Is that really the case? We expect to hear about it soon in D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews.

All star game modes for extra fun – Different modes that the game can be played add to the fun your kids can have. For example there is Clinic Mode that teaches you how to make your own All Star Moves while the Arcade Game Mode allows young ones to play against the clock. And of course there is the Record and Share mode, which creates highlight hoop that can later be shared. What did you make of these game modes? We’d appreciate you telling us in your D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews. The game comes complete with autographed backboard with live action sounds and three autographed bounce back foam balls that make it an ideal present for kids. D. Wade’s Get It Hoops reviews can tell us more about that.


D Wade Get it Hoop Questions and Answers

Q. Does the D Wade Get it Hoop come with an air pump for the basketball?
A. D Wade Get it Hoop does not come with an air pump for the basketball.

Q. Can you hang on the D Wade Get it Hoop?
A. No, the D Wade Get it Hoop will break.

Q. Is the D Wade Get it Hoop for over the door only or can it be installed on the wall?
A. The D Wade Get it Hoop can be hung over the door only.

Q. Will the D Wade Get it Hoop mount on a cubicle?
A. Yes it should. The only problem may be if your cube walls have a thick cap on the top.

Q. What size is the ball?
A. It looks like a mini version of a basketball. It is hard but not as hard as a real basketball.

Q. Is the D Wade Get it Hoop flimsy?
A. Yes, it looks flimsy

Q. Can you use the D Wade Get it Hoop outdoors?
A. Yes, if there is something to hook it over.

Q. Can the D Wade Get it Hoop be mounted safely over a sliding closet door?
A. Yes, if the closet door is as thick as a bedroom door.

Q. We have nice solid wood doors. Will the D Wade Get it Hoop cause scratches in our doors?
A. It may because there doesn’t seem to be foam protectors on all parts that touch the door.

Q. Does the D Wade Get it Hoop fold up so the door can be opened all the way?
A. No, the D Wade Get it Hoop doesn’t fold up.

Q. Can you tell me if this mini basketball net can be mounted on a wall and if it comes with wall mounts?
A. No it hangs over the top of a door.

Q. Does the basketball bounce?
A. The basketball that comes in the package seems to be made of rubber. Yes, it should bounce.

Q. Would the D Wade Get it Hoop work on a door in a finished basement where the ceiling is lower?
A. The D Wade Get it Hoop should work on any normal thickness door. The ceiling height should not matter it will just make shooting hard because the top of the back board is the same height as the top of the door.

Q. What is the diameter of the D Wade Get it Hoop rim?
A. It is not mentioned, it looks tiny.

Q. Does the backboard break after continuous use?
A. Looks flimsy and it may.

Q. How is the D Wade Get it Hoop fixed to the door? What tools are required? Any holes to drill? I live in a rented apartment.
A. It goes over the door – similar to other types of hangers for clothing, etc. It does not require any holes drilled or screws.

Q. Can the D Wade Get it Hoop be directly mounted to the wall?
A. No. The bracket at the top, which allows the hoop to hang on the top of a door, is permanently attached with rivets.

Q. Does it hold up well to dunking?
A. It may not.


What do I get?
You’ll receive D. Wade’s Get It Hoops with the live action sounds hoop, an autographed backboard, an autographed easy grip ball (by D. Wade himself) and a free app. download with game modes, recording and online sharing features, all for just $19.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling.Plus you’ll get 2 additional autographed balls for arcade style play AND we’ll give you access to D. Wade’s Clinic Mode in the app that teaches you how to create superstar moves.Official website getithoops.com

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  1. IS this a scam???

    I ordered this over a month and a half ago and still have not received anything. I just called customer service and they said its on back order, which is the same thing they told me 2 weeks ago.

    I am starting to think this is a scam. If you don’t have the product, why do you keep advertising it on the kids channel every single day??

    ***pissed off customer***

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