Curbalite Address Sign Review

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Do you have problems locating addresses at night? What if there was an emergency at home, in the middle of the night and the emergency services had a similar problem locating your home? You don’t want such a thing to happen to you and your family! You need to address the situation directly and take immediate help of the Curbalite Address Sign!

Curbalite is committed to making your houses safer, one curb at a time! The new and revolutionary Curbalite Address Sign is the perfect accessory for your home! It is a plaque which displays your address and is made with an ultra reflective material. The Curbalite Address Sign installs easily and quickly to be mounted on the curb that’s directly in front of your home. All you need will be the supplied .5oz tube of adhesive and two mounting screws, making its installation quick and easy for you. The Curbalite Address Sign Kit will also include one CurbALite and multiple sets of numbers to help you customize your address.

The reflective material of the address sign is so effective that your address is visible up to an astounding 1000 feet! The reflective street sign will make your address visible, even if it is the darkest of nights, through rain or shine, day or night or the worst of weathers. This high visibility of the Curbalite Address Sign makes it helpful for not only emergency services and emergency response vehicles for they won’t have to waste crucial response time trying to locate the address in a poorly lit neighborhood; student drivers while navigating their uncertain way around; service providers and delivery services like the pizza delivery man or courier man, elderly relatives who have difficulty seeing in the dark and your friends and neighbors. There won’t be any more concerns regarding address confusion with the helpful Curbalite Address Sign!

The new Curbalite Address Sign is the simple and easy to install way to ensure safety for your family and community! Get the high visibility you need!

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  1. 1. How big is the sign?

    2. Is it weather proof?

    3. Is it water resistant?

    4. How big are the letterings?

    5. Does it need some light source to make it visible?

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