Curb Appeal Review

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What is Curb Appeal:

It is a specially created concentrate formula that promises to restore the long lasting colour of your new or old yard mulch without a lot of hassle.

Curb Appeal asserts that now it’s very easy for you to have your yard mulch looking as good as new all through the year. Home owners who have the luxury of space around their houses want to make sure they are kept to their optimum. After all not only do they add to the aesthetics of their homes but their value as well. But if you have yard mulch around the house you know your task is cut out. Having to replace the mulch year after year is not only a back breaking exercise but it works out to be quite expensive as well. What’s worse is that within no time it starts looking faded. The problem can be avoided with this concentrate, according to its claims. Do you agree with them though? Why don’t you tell us in your Curb Appeal reviews?

A long lasting solution for mulch yards

Have you had to replace the mulch in your front yard and back yard? Has it started looking faded and you feel that your efforts have been wasted? Then why not opt for a long lasting solution with this concentrate that claims to work well with your new or existing yard mulch? It also stresses on the fact that it will be a long lasting solution for you as the colour lasts for up to 9 months. We are not going to buy into these claims without going through Curb Appeal reviews. It stresses that it can be effective because it is exactly the same formula that is being used by mulch manufacturers who sell it in bags and bulk. Moreover it emphasizes that one bottle of the formula can give you coverage of over 300 square feet. Now these seem like far-fetched claims that need to be verified by going through Curb Appeal reviews.

The concentrate is also easy to use and you just need to mix it with water and spray. Curb Appeal reviews can shed more light on that.

A variety of safe options for you

To begin with you will be pleased to find that the concentrate is available for three different colours; sierra red, cocoa brown and black forest. You can choose a colour for your front yard and another for your back yard if you like. They can also be changed mid season according to your tastes and requirements. What did you make of the different colour options you get? We hope you tell us more in your Curb Appeal reviews. Since these colours are completely natural and non toxic they maintain that they are safe to be used around plants, pets and wild life too. You can also use the spray on pine straw according to its claims. We hope to get more information about it through your Curb Appeal reviews.

What do I get?

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