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What is CUPdini

As per the infomercial it is a cup holder that is designed to never let drinks spill when inside the car. It is easily mountable on the vents and can also be customized for a bike using the additional bar mount.


Save your car from spills

CUPdini guarantees every car owner the safety and assurance of never damaging their car interiors due to spilled drinks. The factory installed cup holders are not really good enough for safely holding cups that carry hot or cold beverages especially when the car is in motion. As a result, either interiors are spoiled or the car owners are devoid of having a cup of refreshing coffee. CUPdini convinces such car owners that it can solve these issue easily all thanks to its amazing design.


Easily installable features

CUPdini promises to be a great solution for car owners thanks to the two main aspects of its design. One of the brightest features that come with CUPdini is asserted to be the installing mechanism. There are clips that can be quickly and easily clipped to the car’s dashboard vents without the need of any tool. Plus the size of CUPdini is allegedly adjustable to hold any sized cups and bottles easily. But the main feature that makes CUPdini stand out is stated to be its ability to modify its position as per the movement of the car. In simple words, it just starts counter-balancing the movement of the car due to the free mechanism it is mounted upon. It is guaranteed that CUPdini sits in the line of sight of the driver which makes picking the drink easy and helps in keeping the eyes on the road without the need to bend down to find the drink. Bicycle and stroller owners can also benefit from the exclusive design of CUPdini as it is declared that the bar mounts can help install it on the handlebars.


What do I get?

You get two Cupdini for only $10 plus $15.8 P&H.Official website

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  1. $26 for 2. Way to much. Would like to see them in stores first and to touch before buying!? sorry not buying the CUPDINI….

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