Cozy Wings REVIEW

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What is it?

Cozy Wings emphasizes that they are fun and exciting wrap around magical wings that your child can use to wrap around to stay warm, flap around for fun or nap around at bedtime!

Cozy Wings

How does it work?

Cozy Wings maintains that it features double-sided super soft microfibers to keep your child wrapped warm while you sleeping. They also promise to be perfect to put your hands through to play a game, for outside adventures, to read a book or eat a snack. At this point of time there are no Cozy Wings reviews to prove this claim.

Designed with a secret pocket, Cozy Wings convinces to let you take your things with you. This claim of Cozy Wings will be attested only once users review Cozy Wings.

Cozy Wings come with 10 fun and enjoyable styles to choose from – Yellow Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, Heart Butterfly, Rainbow Butterfly, Star Dust Fairy, Purple Fairy, Green Fairy, Green Dragon, Spider Wings, and Spaceship.

They allege to be machine washable, durable, warm and cozy and guarantee your kids will love them to stay warm at naptime, playtime, anytime! This claim can be substantiated only once Cozy Wings is reviewed.

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