Cozy Doze

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What is Cozy Doze? – It is a soft pillow for children that comes with a pocket to store a large blanket inside.


The perfect pillow-cum-blanket for kids

Cozy Doze is designed as a pillow that can double up as a purse in which a large blanket can be kept and easily carried around. It claims that its aim is to make it easy and convenient for kids to carry a pillow and a blanket anywhere and be warm and cozy always.


Soft, cuddly and adorable

Made of ultra plush fabric, Cozy Doze is soft and as its designers say, snuggable and functional too. Kids, especially those who are really small, need to be warm and comfortable all the time. A concept like Cozy Doze seems great as it meets all the requirements of the little ones. they can now carry a blanket and a pillow together all by themselves easily anywhere they go. According to the Cozy Doze makers, kids will love carrying it as it’s available in a range of adorable designs like flower, football, basketball, purse and a bedbug.


Easy to carry and use

Cozy Doze has a comfortable carry handle to pick it up and take around with. It claims to be the perfect ‘new and improved’ security blanket that is great for traveling, park, outdoors, daycare or preschool. It’s designed as a fluffy and cozy soft pillow which provides all the comfort and warmth that a child needs. It is lightweight, kids’ size and comes with a storage pouch which protects it from getting dirty.


Machine washable and dryer safe

You are assured that Cozy Doze can be washed in the washing machine. It doesn’t have to be washed separately or cleaned with special treatment. After washing, you can also dry it up in a dryer.



Cozy Doze seems to be durable as is supposedly made of high quality plush fabrics and has double sewn seam with extra strong thread. The all-in-one patented blanket-cum-pillow seems to be ideal for kids to stay cozy with and also have fun.


What do I get?Select from: Basketball Cozy Doze, Bedbug, Cozy Doze Purse, Flower, and Football Cozy Doze. Price: $19.95 + $6.95 S/h. Official website

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